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Pre-Conception & Epilepsy?...HELP..

hello i am new to this, but ive had epilepsy for over a decade..Okay, my fiance and i are discussing starting a family recently..and i justneed an outside opinion before going to my neurologist..My fiaance and i have many biggest concerns are:..


1.Can a Doctor deny service for a woman with epilepsy for preconception?

2. Does epilepsy (off medication) have birth defects?

3.Can epilepsy or anti-convulsants cause infertility??

4. Is epilepsy hereditary??..i have heard yes and no opinions from non-epileptic ppl, and i need to jus see if anything is true?

5. only based on a rumor i it true that the hospital or a doctor can rule u An unfit parent for being epileptic and take away the baby, or deny help?..





kik me if u can i need answers ASAP,...


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