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Personality Changes After Seizure?

My husband developed epilepy about 6 years ago. He is 51 years old and we think he may have been having simple partial seizures for some time before actual diagnosis. He has complex partials for the most part but has had 2 grand mals so far. Recently, despite medication, he has been having far more complex partial seizures than ever before. Sometimes 8-10 per day. I love him very much but I am having a very difficult time liking him right now. After he has a very noticeable seizure, his personality changes for up to 3 days. He becomes easily irritated, quick to anger, majorly OCD. We have 2 boys at home ages 11 & 14. He will follow us around and point out everything that we're doing wrong, any chores that we've missed and bitch about anything he doesn't think we should be doing. He yells at the kids for very minor things and he starts thinking very negative thoughts. He writes notes to himself to remember not to do anything for the kids because they are ungrateful, he decides that they don't deserve tv or video games any more so he hides all the remotes. I try talking to him but he thinks he's right about everything and the mood change isn't caused by the seizures, just the fact that we are all not acting as we should be. It's driving me crazy. I have to walk around the house looking for things that might set him off so I can hopefully have peace in the house. I have to tell the kids that I'm sorry they can't watch tv but that I don't know where the remotes are and my husband won't tell me. They know it's unfair and they are beginning to resent him. Does anyone else have any experience with this?? I try to be understanding as I know it's related to a medical issue but I can't stand this way of life for much longer. Any advice is appreciated.

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