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No insurance, no money, no meds

My 26 y.o. daughter was diagnosed in Mar. of last yr. To make a short story long, I'm a lifelong epileptic, (have ins through husband's mil. ret.) her 4 y/o son is newly diagnosed, & is covered by medicare, she divorced, and last week lost insurance. Now 3 days with no meds for her, Topamax price is $1000 per mo.- so far, we cannot afford insurance coverage for her. She cannot drive due to seizures at the moment, thus cannot work. Disability is a JOKE, and her neuro will only give samples. State of Ga. has no resources for her, and we are losing hope. Anyone have any ideas? This is hell.


Hi Rajuncajun,
You may try going to Ortho-McNeil Pharmacutical's (maker of Topamax) web site and see if they have a program you can sign up for to obtain free or low cost medication from them. I had a simliar situation with obtaining my medication (Trieptal). I went to Novartis'(maker of my medication) web site and printed out a form to get the free or low cost medication. Your daughter will probably have to provide financial documentation, but if she qualifies, she will be able to get her medication. If they offer the program, she may or may not have to pick her medicine at the doctor's office. I know this is very frustraiting and I can understand exactly where you are coming from. tlh64

Thank You! She did this, and went through her Doc's office. She does qualify, and will begin recieving her meds soon. Her Doc will provide her with samples until then. Thank you again! You are a life saver!

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The sad part is until this occured the doctor didn't seem to be there for her, which is something that I am going thru right now.  I can still afford my meds but not the insurance after the divorce and my state has insurance if I can get all the tests they require I've had documented seziures since I was 13, my mother and brother had them as well, I am 49.  Three weeks ago I had a seziure so bad that I looked like I had been beaten up by several people I still have some bruses.  My hospital visit was over $2000.00 for blood work they didn't do anything elce when they found out I was without insurance.  My medication leval in my blood was low so my physian raised my dosage.  I am at a loss as to what to do I need to work but my doctor tells me that I no longer can.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

Hi Rajuncajun.
Glad I could help. tlh64

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