Husband is epileptic & we're expecting our first child soon - Help!

Hi there! My husband  has epilepsy and we're expecting our first son at the beginning of May. We've been trying to come up with a plan for how to deal with my husband's seizures in the event he's alone with our son but so far have come up short with a set plan.
We live with a few room mates - one of which has been a room mate and a friend of my husbands for several years, so he knows how to deal with him when he has seizures. But they all work and have lives of their own so they aren't home all the time, or can be depended on if a seizure occurs (if they're in another part of the house, they wouldn't even know he's having one). 

My husband and I both work, so although I'm taking maternity leave at the end of this week for 2 months, we've talked a little about me going back to work. I figured if I work mornings and am out by the early afternoon, he'd be at home to take care of our son. Then once I'm home, we'd have an hour or two together before he'd go into work until that night. That aspect would save us money with day care, which is an issue for us, but at the same time, it still makes us nervous because he would be left alone with our son and could be prone to a seizure or even several during that time. 
He's also talked about trying to seek a second job so that I wouldn't have to work at all and could stay at home to be with our son, and in a perfect world, that would be great. But as I'm sure many of you are aware of, many potential employers see a person with epilepsy as a liability, not an asset and are hesitant to even hire them. So finding another job for him may not be the easiest. With a second job, I also get worried about any lack of sleep (newborns will provide plenty of that as it is!) and that's a big trigger for him. We're going to try and see what's available for him, but in the meantime, we need a backup plan because eventually there will come a time when he will be alone with our son. 

I know this was kind of long, but I'm basically just trying to reach out and get some advice, tips, suggestions, or ideas from anyone else who's been through a similar experience. We don't know anyone else with epilepsy, much less anyone in our specific situation either.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!