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Feelings after having a seizure

We have a son who is 20 and non-verbal, he was seizure free for several years and then the medication stopped working, we have been working our way through medications trying to find the one that works best for him. 

During this process we are having seizures more often. As he is mentally at about a 2 years age level, we are concerned about what he is feeling after he has a seizure.  Having some insight to this would be very helpful to us as to how to care for him for the next several hours while he is recovering.  We have found that he sleeps pretty sound for about 5 or 6 hours after a big seizure, does not want much to eat or drink and the following day he is wired for the most part, very anxious and full of energy. 

 We know everyone is different but if we can just get some ideas as to what he might be feeling we can try and put two and two together at our end...

 Thanks so much for your information, sincerely...Kim and Keith


I am sorry about your son and i hope he gets better,  i have grand mal seizures aswell and i have had them for many years and they happen quite often but usually after a grand mal seizure.  i am all disoriented.  i cant speak, gibberish comes out of my mouth and i cant get up.   I can sometimes think of what i want to say but it just doesnt come out which is frustrating. if i try to even sit i cant i need my sister to help me and she usually watches me for a couple of hours to make sure i dont have another one,  but i can never get up my legs are like spaghetti and i need help to get up so i dont even bother sometimes after a seizure i just sleep it off.  for hours and hours.  thats the best remedy.  plus my family usually puts a cold compress on my forhead after one because they say i get super hot and they have noticed it helps me come out of it sooner. hope this helps.


Good Morning Kim, thanks for replying,

 I have a couple more questions if you don't mind answering, again knowing everyone is different but maybe we can do a better job of helping him if we can figure it out.  I have searched several web sites but not one talks about the after effects so I thought this would be a great way to gather informtaion...

 Do you have a headache?  Do you remember what has happened or is is it a blank spot?  Do you feel bad or sore the following day? Are you hungry or sick to your stomache?  Thirsty? How long do the spaghetti legs last?  After this last one we sat with him for several hours as we were afraid that he would try and get up, fall and hurt himself.  The overheating is a great thought as he loves to sleep under several blankets, winter and summer so we will try and remove one or two to try and cool him down should this happen again, as I am sure it will.  He also has Autism on top of it all so the sensory stimulation plays a big part as well. 

Again thank you for your time and answering my questions, have a wonderful day and may you be as seizure free as possible for a long time to come...happy thoughts your way...a greatful mom...Kim

This is extremely hard for you to cope with and I hope that your son gets better as well. I have had grand mal seizures for many years as well. As for me, after a grand mal I feel extremely disoriented and cannot talk at all. If I try to talk, it comes out as gibberish. My wife tells me that I will then sleep for anywhere from 5 to 24 hrs. I know that there is a period that I can talk, but it is later after a grand mal occurs. When I am able to speak, I am not able to reason and can only speak in simple sentences. My strength is severely weakened and I do get thirsty. I do not have any headaches.

Michael, Thank you so much for sharing, so you are really thirsty and it is hard to get the mind back on the fast track, that is really great information as he drinks a lot anyway but I will make sure to offer fluids more often after these seizures.  I wondered how his mind was working as he seems disoriented after his sleeping period.  He also sleeps really sound for about the same time period as you do.  I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story with me as I have a feeling we may be in for a few more of these before we get the meds back on track again.  It is so hard to not be able to communicate with him and know what he is feeling or explain to him what just happened, I just want to make sure we are doing the best we can and educate ourselves to what additional needs he may have.  Please take care, and again thank you very much for your time and information, Warmly, Kim

  How I feel after my sez is simple. Imagine that you were hooked up to a catapault on a aircraft carrier and shot off the bow. But not having any wings you just hit the water any get run over by the ship and through the propellers.

Yikes, that rough huh, It makes me feel really sad that I can't share this verbally with my son, as I am sure he is not sure what happened to him to feel so poorly.  I will treat him with lots of TLC after his seizures keeping this in mind.  Not that we don't always but this is so different for him and I want to make sure we are doing what we can to make him comfortable.  Thanks so much for sharing.  Please take care, warmly...Kim

I also have a daughter that is non-verbal and cannot relate what she feels after a seizure. Can you relate your catapulting, wingless, water plopping, propeller chopping to something that I could understand more clearly?



Smiles back, How old is your daughter? 


I find that to be the hardest of all, Kyle not being able to tell us what he is feeling or what might make him more comfortable.  When he is well his body language is great, no problem telling us what he needs but when he is in that vunerable state, he just looks at you like ok mom make me feel better, what happend to me and why do I feel like a truck just ran over me when I never left my house...


Thanks for your reply...hugs to you, Kim

how about the federal buget defict just fell on me

everybody can be different after a seizure, especially when it depends on what type of seizure you have had. i have mostly grand mal seizures, and when i come out of it, i have some memory loss sometimes between what was happening before the seizure, and the time it takes me to recover properly.....i also always have a banging headache and sleep for about 4 hours or so after having a seizure. confusion is always there and its not always obvious to me that i have had one.......sometimes i need to be told.sometimes i guess if i am on my own from the headache i get after it......but rest is the best thing after a seizure, as well as plenty of TLC.

hope this helps.

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