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Epilepsy Ribbon

Does anyone know if an Epilepsy ribbon, like the Breast Cancer Ribbon exists? I would like to get one made, and have the profits go towards Epilepsy research. I am looking for anyone who might know anything about this. Please e-mail me at Thank you!


mitzi,I don't know of any but I would like to get involved if you find one. I won't be answering right away because I'm going to Hawaii for two weeks, but please keep me in mind. Robert Washkuhn P.S It has always made me mad how much money was put into research for everything else, but nothing for epilepsy.

They use a purple ribbon. I don't know where it all started... maybe your local efa has more information. I know November is national epilepsy month. I think it was just approved in congress last year, I haven't kept up on it. I know in Canada it's March. Anyway, here is a link to icons for the purple ribbon: wish we could make clickable links here....

I agree. I think about that alot about an epilepsy ribbon and having the profits go toward some kind of epilepsy foundation. I was just at a breast cancer play last week and there were so many people there just to help out breast cancer. I don't think people understand how many people there are out there that have epilepsy. I never knew until my seizures started three years ago. I would love to do what ever it is I could to help start out a ribbon to help all of us out there. So, anybody else who knows about a ribbon, please respond.

Bandcheryl,you are so right.Read the message and did a bit of looking around.There is one you can buy.Go to this site and you will be able to order them.

Hi Bandcheryl.My 21 year old daughter is epileptic. I will look into the ribbon thing and let you know. Great idea.Has anyone heard of long-term respite for epileptics such as in home care-giving? I am afraid for her as she has most of her seizures upon waking. When she'll be on her own, then what?Should someone start up a non-profit or is there one already?'m glad that the ribbon link helped.I hope this one does to.They offer a variety of sevices,and it's worth a look.I know that local authorities are supposed to offer breaks to families and carers,but places are limiteed due to funding.

Hi all. I have also thought about a ribbon for Epilepsy. I resently got Epilepsy back. Yesterday at work I had one come on. I went to the ER and was diagnosised with focal seizure's. Does anyone know what it is? Or have any info on it? If you do please e mail at, Thank You.

Hi Dale.Glad you thought the ribbon was a good idea.I'm sure that if you read these links they will give you some idea of what you are experiencing.

You may see the purple epilepsy awareness pit at site below

Well, here's a strange coincidence... we use a lavender coloured ribbon for epilepsy and my first grand mal seizure sent me face first into a bed of English Lavender.  Now every time I see or smell lavender, I think epilepsy.  Weird.

Rocking for Epilepsy is a non profit foundation in Davenport, Iowa and we do have awareness ribbon pins available. If interest please email the

So neat to see so many out there now! The bracelets are around too! I see the British sites have them as well as EFA.

Get the word out!


Hi Mitzi,I saw a picture of it the other day cruising around on some other epilepsy site.It is purple. Just plain purple.Nancy

Hi all Yes, There is a purple ribbon for epilepsy awareness. you may go to our site to view. Then if you are interested let me know 

 I googled up some places that made them, but the money doesn't go to any foundation... the color is used by a number of other causes) most of the sites I found talking about this are Canadian.

Have you seen the EFA Epilepsy Awareness bracelets? 100 % goes to helping people with epilepsy.

They are cool. When I go and teach in high schools kids ASK if they can have one!!

Rocking for Epilepsy is local and the funds made from our awareness pins help those with epilepsy
If interested please feel free to email me

Jen, Mom to Danny Jr who we lsot to Epilepsy on 12-26-01 age 3

Take a look at the new Shopping section of You can do your Christmas shopping, or shop anytime, and have some proceeds go to support epilepsy research! Let's see how much we can raise!!

I found the awareness bracelets at this website.....

Thanks for the address, Slash! I have had mine for almost a year and they hold up great. Have given away about 50 so far, too....

I haven't seen any but Iwould love to have one.I currently wear a bracelet that says ''glow for kids'' and it's run by childrens mircle network,which supports all our local (Mass&RI) childrens hospitals. IF you find an epilepsy ribbon please contact me at Thank-you!

Rocking for Epilepsy has the purple Epilepsy awareness ribbons

Please put ribbon in subject line.

You may see a picture on this site

Jen, Mom to Danny Jr who we lost to Epilepsy on 12-26-01 age 3
You may read our story right here on

i got ribbons from rocking4epilepsy and i love them! i wear mine everyday.

Ashley kennedy
i would love to be involved in this too i am 18 years old and i had epilepsy when i was little i don't have it anymore but what i was thinking is making necklaces and braclets to make money to go agenst epilepsy research it's hard for kids and adults go threw with this i know i missed alot of school bc of this bc i had to go for bloodwork and catscans and all this other stuff and i actually painted my room lavender and then i started reading up on epilepsy and i seen that the ribbon was lavender

I found a website for a car magnet.


Hope this helps.  I think that the Epilepsy Foundation should have a car magnet, since for the website mention above the funds do not go to a foundation to further research epilepsy.

To all who are questionioning ribbon color, the above link is got ever cancer or illness known to man.

With that being said, Epilepsy on this chart is recognized as Lavender, where as the older charts would peg with lupus, CF, Fibromylagia, just to name a few, as Purple.

Hope this helps you mitzi525

To the people that don’t think these “pink promotions” are doing any good for breast cancer: I agree with you that breast cancer is being employed as a cheap means of gaining sympathy and is used by most companies as nothing more than a marketing strategy for their other crap products (a lot like selling promotional items at a loss, except most places are actually making profits off of these “charity” promotions).  I used to denounce these companies, too, but the reality is that most people have no interest/desire to care about breast cancer research unless they or someone close to them has suffered from it.  I’d probably be guilty of the same thing… the only reason I even found this page is because I was searching for info about complications I had from a removal of a malignant node (and yes, men can have breast cancer, too - you can see for yourself what happened… bad breast reconstruction pics, but make sure you didn’t just eat).  As shady as these companies are, with most giving maybe a penny to actual breast cancer research off of every pink nic nac they sell, the reality is that their “contribution,” as disingenuous as it is, is better than nothing at all.  If it wasn’t for greedy, shady corporations trying to exploit ppl’s emotions, I don’t see any other way that we can raise awareness and garner support for this cause.  And let’s face it, interest groups don’t work when the only money coming in is from the small group of ppl that are actually motivated enough to join.  People just simply don’t care unless it’s affecting them directly…

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