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Epilepsy and Family

As I grew up I learned about epilepsy because it was something that did effect more than one member of the family.  I did have a grandfather who passed away from drowning because of a seizure and my mother also had epilepsy and two brain tumors when I was young.  Two of the youngest kids did also have epilepsy while we were in school at that time.  I was lucky not to have epilepsy then.  My brother did have brain surgery at Mayo's and did not make it from the operation, but I am very proud that he had the surgery.  I finally started having epilepsy at age 27 after finished with college.  It was tough on me for this to show up, I did continue work, even as seizures continued.  The only positive was they occured while asleep, which allowed me to continue to drive and perform my sales job.  I would be exhausted the next day after my nightime seizure.  I did finally have a VNS added and I did continue having seizures.  I eventually had the brain surgery and it has helped, but still have seizures.  Also with it being the left frontal lobe my short term memory is gone.  Now this has been three generations of people having epilepsy in the family.  After this along comes a nephew, the son of my sister who grew up with epilepsy.  The nephew makes it four generations in our family.  This tells me epilepsy has to be heriditary.  From what I can tell we are the one family in the U.S. with four generations.  I do as much as I can to share information with others about epilepsy and that is what so many others should be doing.  Such a small percentage of the population truly understands the true meaning of what epilepsy is and what it means.  Share all you can with friends and do not be ashamed  of any issues.  Things like this will help to increase the general knowledge and perception of epilepsy with the entire population of America.

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