Don't know where to go next

My 21 yo daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy about 6 months ago after 5 months of not knowing what was going on.  She doesn't seize and the initial EEG came back negative.  We were pursuing the cardiac route when she had an episode, admitted to the hosiptal and another EEG was done the following day and it showed possible epileptic acitivity.   She started on Keppra, eventually had to add dilantin to control the seizures.  However, 6 weeks after starting dilantin, she spiked on it, switched to lamictal and developed an allergic reaction within 3 days.  They kept upping the Keppra during this time and currently is only on it.  It held her seizures at bay for about 6 weeks, when she had another seizure and ended up in the ER.  By this time, she was set to go into the monitoring unit at the hospital, so the docs didn't add a second med and given her reactions to second meds before, she was leery about it as well.  She just got released from the unit today after being hooked up to the VEEG for 7 days with no seizures recorded.  The only thing they could tell us is is that she had some abnormal waves when she would get drowsy before going to sleep, but other than that it looked "beautiful".  She was off of her meds for 4 days and they had her start back on them today at discharge.  She follows up with her neuro next week.  What's frustrating to us is that we have no answers.  It's been 6 weeks since her last seizure or seizure like activity and we know that each passing day that she doesn't have one is great, but not having any answers only more questions, is unnerving.  Part of the problem also is that we don't know where to go from here.  She was at a level 4 facility and one of the best hospitals in our area.  We know that some people take multiple visits to the unit to get a seizure capture, but she's trying to move forward and it's difficult to do with this hanging over her head.  Don't know if we should look into a second opinion or not, wait to see if she has anymore seizures and ends up back in the unit for more testing, or what....Seeking advice.  The docs at the unit aren't even sure that it's epilepsy but then also can't tell us why they are happening.  They were no help except that they put her back on her meds, which she's not happy about, nor are we.  IT's difficult to accept the need for the medication when there's a question as to the diagnosis.  Sorry for the rambling....just really frustrated.  Thanks for reading if you made it this far.