Complex partial seizure of the frontal lobe

Hi, I'm pretty much new to this. My 25 year old son is the one having the seizures. He has been having a short lapse of memory(no shaking) type of siezure for a couple of years and then last week he starts having siezures where he shakes and can't walk after. He was in the Yale New Haven hospital for 11 days doing testing. He is now on a new medication. Has anyone else had their seizures change like that? He is home now and trying to get back to normal. It is very stressful. Thanks for any advise or insight.penny


RE: Complex partial seizure of the frontal lobe

I hope the new medication works for your son. I just wanted to reply to say in some instances seizures can spread or new ones can evolve. For instance, if he has a focus, one spot in the brain that is causing seizures... they can start out small, such as a memory lapse. Then, lets say, if his medication was not controlling him 100 percent, the electrical signals can spread creating other symptoms. The motor strip (which controls movement of limbs, etc.) is located in or around the frontal area, and a bunch of other functions. The abnormal electrical impulses could be spreading enough to effect this. The medications are suppose to supress this activity from spreading, but these 'buggers' try very hard to find new channels to escape and wreak havoc. He is at a difficult age, still young, and has to realize that he has to keep his immune system strong, go to bed early (sleep deprivation is a major trigger), and stay away from the parties. I hope this helps a little.

Re: RE: Complex partial seizure of the frontal lobe

I agree... Unfortunately I have the same situcation. Every three months i go back to my spesialist, I have to describe to her how my seizures have changed... I have to say from what i understand that this isnt VERY common, but it can happen if seizures arent controlled.

I use to only get a twitch in the muscles on my left side of my face / inside my ear / left side of body, which use to make me laugh because it felt 'odd'. Then the twich turned into a spasm/contraction of the muscle for about 10 secs... anyhow, 10yrs later, and i know have regular simplex partial seizures, which start on the left side of my body, and then move to both sides every now and then.. and come in batches of 3-4, lasting 30sec each, 3-5 times a day...

My case as i understand it is very complex though, and seems to be a favourate with the medical students... ;) Point is, it can happen, so dont be too concerned if it does change. Just keep track of teh changes, the timing of the fits & their frequency, and inform your doctor. Front lobe Epilepsy is also more likely to generalise from one side to both, so just keep an eye open..

Good luck!