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Created By: trini | 2013-05-03 15:45 | 396 Views | 0 Comments

I wonder if I am having seizures in my sleep..
I get different answers from various doctors. I would appreciate feedback.

Created By: trini | 2013-05-03 15:45 | 1166 Views | 5 Comments

I wonder if I am having seizures in my sleep..
I get different answers from various doctors. I would appreciate feedback.

Created By: binitsharma | 2013-05-01 05:44 | 568 Views | 1 Comment

dear i am confused whether i have epilipsey or something else
after every 10-15 days a jerk comes and my memory power goes out for 5 sec during that period i cant see and cant remember any...

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dear sir
my name is binit sharma and 32 yrs male.
my problem is that i sometimes get an fit for a seconds
at that time i forget every thing for a seconds and also my vision...

Created By: peytonwelch | 2013-04-08 10:23 | 1002 Views | 4 Comments

I'll try to keep this short...I had brain surgery 2 years ago (had part of my front, left, temporal lobe removed). Prior to my surgery, I had around 70 recorded seizures (I'm guessing I had...

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In November 2011 my husband started having horrible seizures out of nowhere. A year later we know they are called grand mals and his EEG was postive for seizure activity . He had an mri and ct...

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I haven'get anything since the age of nine. I was under medication until the age of 14. Now I am 31 and I was wondering if epilepsy ever comes back. I have been getting weird...

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Hi there

I get catemenial seizures each month and tried the natual progesterone cream which started to work after 3 months. My neurologist has put me on the natural progesterone pills and...

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For the past few days I've been trying to figure out what to say. There's no words to describe what has happened and what the people of Connecticut must be feeling. The situation affects us all...

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Happy Holidays,

My name is Gabriella Schultz. Been a member with for 9 years now, and this website has helped me a great deal. & I hope that I've helped members on here as...

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I am confused. I have many symptoms of complex partial seizures, including Deja Vu, religiosity, fear, emotional excitement, problems distinguishing voices from other sounds (and the meaning of...

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I am a college student doing a research paper for an English class about my
intended major. So I have some questions about the daily life of an

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Hi everyone,

I'm in Denver listening to ETP Chairman and Co-founder Warren Lammert talk about the importance of working together. Did you realize how many research projects EF and ETP have...

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I had this posted for a few days in 'my epilepsy diary' but didn't get any responses. Thought I'd try in this topic:

I decided to try saving a couple of files from my computer, mainly...

Created By: photo-sense_grl | 2012-09-15 15:02 | 663 Views | 2 Comments

Okay this is aggrivating. I really want to chat with my friends on here. I've been having bad months with my seizure and I really want to cool down with them but every time I press the stupid...

Created By: JohnnyB | 2012-08-14 04:45 | 996 Views | 3 Comments

Hi guys, im new to the forum.

 Ive been on Keppra for about 6 years now and been problem free. Initially i had about 4-5 grand mals in 2 years, which were preceded by plenty of drink and...

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Does anyone have a dog and a child with epilepsy?
My daughter has BRE and my golden retriever has epilepsy. I believe they "feed" off of each other, so to speak. They have them in the same...

Created By: faisal100 | 2012-08-02 10:43 | 542 Views | 1 Comment

hello, i am 25 years old. i am facing the Absence Seizures since 9 years and i have reached the maximum limit of medicines since my doctor informed me that we are not allowed to use any other...

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Firstly, thanks for taking time to read.

Im 21 and ive been diagnosed since i was 8 years old. You would have thought that i would have been able to come to terms with it by now but i...

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The pain will not go away! She is also unable to sleep longer than a few hours due to the pain. We have tried ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, hydrocodone, with no luck. She is absolutely miserable...