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Created By: Anonymous | 2005-12-13 13:57 | 119 Views | 2 Comments

I posted a long response to loz (newly dx'd and pregnant) last night, where'd it go?! Doggone it!


Created By: spiz | 2005-12-12 05:56 | 414 Views | 14 Comments

I messed with my settings and updates on my computer regarding IE and the chat room until I had only one hair on my head left that I hadn't pulled out. They don't like each other at all. And I don...

Created By: rootbeergirl16 | 2005-12-11 18:15 | 107 Views | 1 Comment

I am wondering why the past few days we have been unable to post reponses to members blogs. Does anyone else have the same trouble and if so how do we fix it
Thanks Pam

Created By: txrhb1 | 2005-12-10 21:09 | 124 Views | 2 Comments

Hi all,

For some reason, I am unable to post comments to blogs this weekend. So, I thought I'd try to respond this way.

Cameo - thanks so much for asking about me and Jessica. I am...

Created By: fdturtle | 2005-12-01 12:23 | 133 Views | 1 Comment

this may be answered in another forum, I don't know BUT, how come there are some Blogs that are simply listed as "0" or "1"? mine is one of them instead of listed as "Turtle's Twitch...

Created By: fdturtle | 2005-11-30 12:49 | 209 Views | 9 Comments

Hi folks,
I'm new here and frankly, new to having epilepsy and I'm having trouble getting into the chat room. I hit the "begin chatting' button and a blue background'd window opens up but...

Created By: kristyn | 2005-11-29 09:00 | 221 Views | 11 Comments

you know, i try to participate in the discussions. . . but i post a comment, try to find it the following week when i am back on-line, and it is NOWHERE. so i type my name into the search bar...

Created By: gretchen1 | 2005-11-25 02:12 | 130 Views | 3 Comments

I'm not writing to you in an email because several have mentioned this and I thought it would be good if there was a general answer.

It seems that there are very few forum topics that show...

Created By: mnickel | 2005-11-21 11:36 | 175 Views | 1 Comment

Visit to see a new and improved homepage with easier access to existing features such as the Share Your Story tool, as well as new features like our Find a Doctor feature, banner...

Created By: mnickel | 2005-11-21 11:34 | 88 Views | 1 Comment

There have been a lot of improvements on the site since its launch in September and more enhancements are on the way. In an effort to cater to the wants and needs of our ever-...

Created By: earwigepilepsy | 2005-11-21 09:53 | 111 Views | 0 Comments

The chat room will be unavailable today, November 21st from 8 am PST to approximately 4 pm PST due to a scheduled power outage. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Staff...

Created By: rootbeergirl16 | 2005-11-16 16:01 | 212 Views | 2 Comments

I have noticed that the colored words and moving icons have been sezure triggers for some of the members in the chat room and i am wondering if there is some way to come up with a word or code for...

Created By: emcakes | 2005-11-16 05:04 | 257 Views | 2 Comments


I was wondering whether there were any norms for the all of the QOLIE forms and where I could find them?!

Please help!!



Created By: Maggie | 2005-10-24 17:24 | 81 Views | 1 Comment

This is so strange,I haven't been able to chat in the chatroom,it still is not working for me......But I can do a private chat.Anyone know what's going on?

Created By: chief | 2005-10-21 18:53 | 104 Views | 0 Comments

that are messages do not appear right away when we type them and we see some people seem todisappear then reappear, and we come he because this is like a epilepsy support group on line if you will...

Created By: Maggie | 2005-10-18 21:32 | 403 Views | 16 Comments

still can't get into the chatroom.It's over 7 wks now and still no luck.Barbie and Spiz I want to thank you for all your help.I tried what you said about Java and nothing happened when I tried to...

Created By: spiz | 2005-10-14 19:20 | 378 Views | 15 Comments


I can email Microsoft for you, if you like, and see if they have a solution for your problem. Just let me know, ok?


Created By: Maggie | 2005-10-12 19:22 | 274 Views | 7 Comments

Hi,last night we e-mailed each other about why I cannot chat.You told me let you know today if anything helped.Well nothing I tried helped.PLEASE help me get into the chatroom.I have developed...

Created By: Maggie | 2005-10-12 19:14 | 158 Views | 2 Comments

Hi Mike,I just saw that you were on here.Do you have any suggestions about why I can't get into the chatroom?

Created By: Maggie | 2005-10-11 21:55 | 328 Views | 14 Comments

Is anyone else having problems with getting into the chatroom?I'm still not able to chat.I feel like Heather does and I'm also about ready to leave.Things just aren'e the same around here.If you...