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Created By: zoe49576 | 2006-06-13 21:59 | 209 Views | 1 Comment

Why does my reply to a Discussion always Post Twice?

Created By: gretchen1 | 2006-05-13 22:18 | 360 Views | 8 Comments

For various reasons would you please remove my name from the membership list? I ask this so people don't feel I'm still a member and send me emails I can't answer. I would have put...

Created By: dickey890 | 2006-05-13 22:01 | 234 Views | 0 Comments

Years ago I was told by my doctor the future EP surguries will go through your nose instead of cutting your skull open. I paid no attention to it, but when they came out with "brain radiation" for...

Created By: rootbeergirl16 | 2006-05-13 12:40 | 213 Views | 2 Comments

Ok people,
Things are somewhat out of control and it is ridiculas. This is a site of support and help it is not a soap opera or a a schoolyard. Personally I am sick of the uncontroled...

Created By: gretchen1 | 2006-05-13 01:55 | 292 Views | 4 Comments

Hello you wonderful people. Hey, did you get my email I sent to the addy on the home page to the moderator about the site problems I'm having? If not, I'll send it again. Epi-help is always so...

Created By: mrnoggin | 2006-05-09 05:35 | 549 Views | 2 Comments

can you not take ST JOHN WORT if you suffer from epilepsy

Created By: mrnoggin | 2006-04-30 06:19 | 334 Views | 3 Comments

hi about 6 mths ago i started with the classic symptoms of epilepsy....vacancies,staring,drop attacks,memory loss to cut a long story short i had a positive EEG 3 wks ago my dr has now ordered a...

Created By: scorpio | 2006-04-07 16:23 | 203 Views | 2 Comments

How many registered users are there on this site? Where do they come from? I once came across a similar type of site that kept a running total in a corner of the screen.
Just curious....

Created By: Colina | 2006-04-03 13:11 | 236 Views | 2 Comments

Is there a way to report someone who is rude or bothersome?

Created By: spiz | 2006-03-30 12:47 | 232 Views | 1 Comment

When are the weekly update notification emails suppose to start? Have they been going out? I signed up but have not received any.


Created By: Joyce | 2006-03-17 13:06 | 378 Views | 1 Comment

I was wondering if anyone knew of any support groups in a small town called mill city or near a town called stayton? State is Oregon,and I actually live about 30 miles east of salem the capital...

Created By: epihelp | 2006-03-10 12:28 | 414 Views | 7 Comments

Hi everyone!
From time to time we have new content or projects that we would like a small group of users to look at and give thoughts on how easy to read, relevance, helpfulness etc. We will...

Created By: spiz | 2006-03-07 11:03 | 376 Views | 7 Comments

Would you consider adding a new catagory to the Community Forum Topic List? There is alot of good information w/links that are lost in the addition of new posts to the forum that some may not...

Created By: txrhb1 | 2006-03-02 00:50 | 207 Views | 0 Comments

Can you check out the postings under "need help getting into chat room plz", which I think are in the New to , and see if you can help these folks out with entering chat?


Created By: elsea | 2006-03-01 23:19 | 295 Views | 2 Comments

Example: Right before I got out of bed this morning just my legs start shaking, but not the rest of me. 5 seconds. Then the next one is the top half of me, 5 seconds or so, stops.

Created By: daydreemer45 | 2006-02-27 08:19 | 293 Views | 2 Comments

I just recieved a book titled " Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy", A global conversation. I am happy that there is finally a book available about this subject ! Empowering the global...

Created By: epihelp | 2006-02-20 08:18 | 191 Views | 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

Let's be careful on naming names of doctors or any health care professional or person working with you. Read the terms of service for info on this.


Created By: Unique | 2006-02-12 06:13 | 446 Views | 2 Comments

um hi ,im not very old im only 13 and i have just bin diagnosed with epilepsy and no one has explained to me about it or how my life will be ,im actually really scared, and im worried of how other...

Created By: spiz | 2006-02-10 22:44 | 375 Views | 4 Comments

When a question is asked on the 'Epilepsy Help', is the answer posted or is it emailed? If it is posted, then where?


Created By: spiz | 2006-02-09 07:44 | 319 Views | 3 Comments

Who's turn was it to feed the Blob? It wasn't fed, it ate the blogs, and will now go hibernate and have baby blobs! Then wadda we do?