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Created By: epihelp | 2006-02-20 08:18 | 81 Views | 0 Comments

Hi everyone,

Let's be careful on naming names of doctors or any health care professional or person working with you. Read the terms of service for info on this.


Created By: Unique | 2006-02-12 06:13 | 234 Views | 2 Comments

um hi ,im not very old im only 13 and i have just bin diagnosed with epilepsy and no one has explained to me about it or how my life will be ,im actually really scared, and im worried of how other...

Created By: spiz | 2006-02-10 22:44 | 144 Views | 4 Comments

When a question is asked on the 'Epilepsy Help', is the answer posted or is it emailed? If it is posted, then where?


Created By: spiz | 2006-02-09 07:44 | 150 Views | 3 Comments

Who's turn was it to feed the Blob? It wasn't fed, it ate the blogs, and will now go hibernate and have baby blobs! Then wadda we do?


Created By: spiz | 2006-02-01 00:44 | 114 Views | 2 Comments

I visited the new site and was very pleased with what I found. Smiles!


Created By: elsea | 2006-01-26 18:02 | 227 Views | 2 Comments

Dr. scheduling me for Ambulatory EEG. I forgot to ask if I need to stop taking the medicine beforehand - I take Tegretol to control symptoms. Also, he sounded like if this test came out negative...

Created By: jboyd | 2006-01-20 20:36 | 86 Views | 1 Comment

Hay when i went to chat abd i had to download the java stuff to work it it gave me a bad virous on my computer you may want to double check what you have made that by. And any one else who uses...

Created By: epihelp | 2006-01-20 03:00 | 3730 Views | 64 Comments

Welcome to!

Your forum to connect, share, relax and learn!

As a new visitor, look around and you'll see lots of ways to connect...

Created By: gretchen1 | 2006-01-03 18:20 | 91 Views | 1 Comment

Epi_help? You asked me to post if I'm unable to edit posts? Also you asked me if I was logged in when I'm trying to edit. I'm currently logged in, would like to edit a post but there is no edit...

Created By: txrhb1 | 2006-01-02 12:15 | 144 Views | 3 Comments

I think the chat room is down. I tried to ping it, but came back that it was unable to find the IP address.

Happy New year to all,

Created By: allentraveller106 | 2005-12-28 14:00 | 276 Views | 2 Comments

I see a lot of people do not know anyone with epilepsy. I can not find a group in New York City. Can you relay the message to anybody in New York City that I started an Epilepsy club.Go to MEETUP....

Created By: epihelp | 2005-12-22 05:36 | 411 Views | 10 Comments

Hi everyone,
I'm staring this thread for people to add topics or questions that they would like to see more info on. For example, I responded to thread on jasmine/aromatherapy just now, and...

Created By: mnickel | 2005-12-13 14:50 | 100 Views | 0 Comments

Please see the new Topic Groups for the Community Forum! We heard your concerns and are trying to make the topic groups and discussion threads easier to find and use. Over the next few days we...

Created By: Anonymous | 2005-12-13 13:57 | 95 Views | 2 Comments

I posted a long response to loz (newly dx'd and pregnant) last night, where'd it go?! Doggone it!


Created By: spiz | 2005-12-12 05:56 | 341 Views | 14 Comments

I messed with my settings and updates on my computer regarding IE and the chat room until I had only one hair on my head left that I hadn't pulled out. They don't like each other at all. And I don...

Created By: rootbeergirl16 | 2005-12-11 18:15 | 82 Views | 1 Comment

I am wondering why the past few days we have been unable to post reponses to members blogs. Does anyone else have the same trouble and if so how do we fix it
Thanks Pam

Created By: txrhb1 | 2005-12-10 21:09 | 99 Views | 2 Comments

Hi all,

For some reason, I am unable to post comments to blogs this weekend. So, I thought I'd try to respond this way.

Cameo - thanks so much for asking about me and Jessica. I am...

Created By: fdturtle | 2005-12-01 12:23 | 96 Views | 1 Comment

this may be answered in another forum, I don't know BUT, how come there are some Blogs that are simply listed as "0" or "1"? mine is one of them instead of listed as "Turtle's Twitch...

Created By: fdturtle | 2005-11-30 12:49 | 175 Views | 9 Comments

Hi folks,
I'm new here and frankly, new to having epilepsy and I'm having trouble getting into the chat room. I hit the "begin chatting' button and a blue background'd window opens up but...

Created By: kristyn | 2005-11-29 09:00 | 190 Views | 11 Comments

you know, i try to participate in the discussions. . . but i post a comment, try to find it the following week when i am back on-line, and it is NOWHERE. so i type my name into the search bar...