hi ya I have been work for mcdonald's for 3 yesrs  and in them yrs I have proven myself to be a hard worker and reliable and ALWAYS on time!! I have been working nights for the last 2 yrs and my epilepsy is getting the better of me and my arm shacks but they are not undertsdn it! I asked top put me on days


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Sleep can be a factor for many people. Sometimes seizures occur more often during sleep, shortly after awakening or if they aren't getting enough sleep, or if their sleep is disrupted. Working nights can really disrupt a person's sleep habits so they have interrupted sleep or don't get enough.

If seizures are worse with certain work hours, it's best to talk to your doctor. He or she could help you ask your employer for an accommodation to your work hours- so you work during day or evening hours. There may be a special form or letter needed however, so ask your employer how to request accommodations.

If you live in the US. visit the website for U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at This will tell you what reasonable accommodations may be and what to do.

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 Sleep may be a part of your issue. I also know that working in a kitchen can also be a part.

I know that because I had gone 3 years without any seizures. No auras no nada. I felt good and was even studying for my drivers test. I never got the test because  I had a seizuer. I saw mu neuro and he informed me that I could not work there anymore. When I asked why he stated gttint too hot too fast can cause seizures in some epileptics. I had been working in a kitchen and was being trained to be a roving chef. I loved that job but I had to stop working there. It also sucked because it would have trippled my takehome pay.

Hope this help but understand that many things can also trigger seizures. Whith me HEAT STRESS and not gtting enough sleep. All of my doctors have told me 8 hours is needed. They also know I generally get 5-6 hours. I have been getting 5-7 hours of sleep from the time I was 12 since I had a paper route and the papers had to be delivered before I went to school. I have been getting up between 4:30 and 5 most of my life and after doing it for 40 years it is normal for me. The times I get less than 4 hours I do have problems  but not always