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White spots on brain

My MRI showed I have lots of little white spots on my brain - does anyone know what this could be?

 - I do have epilespy and have had it on and off since a child. 



PS im in my early 20s

It depends. I think when you say 'white' spots, what you mean is it is 'brighter' than the rest of the brain? I.e., it 'lights up' kinda deal?

The MRI has multiple sequencing methods, for lack of a better term.

On T2-weighted sequencing, anything with water/fluid will show up brighter than the surroundings.  On a T1-weighted, it's stuff like fat that shows up brighter.

On FLAIR sequencing, bright spots can be indicative of tissues that 'more intense' such as plaques.

There are other sequences, by the way.

So basically, ONLY your doc can interpret this for you. Different slicing and different sequencing will mean different things.

That is a great explanation!

  I have a friend who was in a traffic accident and has asked the same question about the spots.  The Radiologist and or doctor  has to explain the reason of the spots.  It is generally nothing to worry about unless other tests are needed to confirm symptoms.

I used to be a Neurodiagnostic Technician. 

Thank you

Ok thanks......

Ive just learnt that when I was a baby I fell pretty hard and hit my head and even stopped breathing a while, Im thinking maybe the white spots could be damage?

 My doc doesnt have an explaination for the spots, he said it looks like what they see on a MRI of a MS paitent but he said I was too young for that. 


Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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