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I wasn't diagnoised with epilepsy until I was 20 and I'm only 21 now. Before I had my first and only seizure I use to experiment with different halluncinogens like acid and shrooms. Since I have been diagnoised I have tried shrooms again and had no problem with them but I am unsure if I should drop acid anymore just because I've read that it can cause seizures. So would it be better to just stay away from it to be safe or has anyone had any experience with it that can give me some advice?


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well kid im 39 and ive done it all except heroin i always enjoyed acid as a matter of fact i did it a couple weeks ago i still have seziures no matter what enjoy your time you never know when your day is coming my nureo is more worried about my head trauma n drinking some meds and drinking do not mix at all so be careful with that but like i said im 39 and i still party  but not like your days at 21 well anyway epilepy sucks i hate it if you ever need advice or wanna chat dont be afraid my e mail is  its no fun without artifical joy so party on

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 After reading your question and reading the answer, I was compelled to write. Thier are alot of questions about this subject. To begin, drugs themselves are dangerous, and not to mention illegal. To mix drugs and drinking and being an epileptic is NOT a good mixture, but a recipe for diasater. It is true that you never know when your ticket is up on this earth, but by doing what you are doing, it increases your chances of that "time card" being punched. If you have read that doing drugs causes seizures, then, I think you have answered your own question. Seizure medication clearly state to not take with other drugs or drinking. It could decrease the effectivness of the medication. And not taking the seizure medication at all is something only your Nero can decide. I have had epilepsy for 13 yrs, and i would occasionally drink back then, and when i would, guess what? I would have a seizure. I stopped, even if i would still have them, but by not drinking, i was helping decrease my chances. The bottom line is that your doctor, and ONLY your doctor can answer your questions. 

Good luck to you.


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Well kid, I've a lot of stuff in that genre also and from what I've gathered if you're gonna have a seizure you're gonna have a seizure, sure what you put into your body might effect that , but if you're gonna have to live with them anyways why let them stand in the way of having a little fun.  As epileptics we all know what we're up against and what the consequenses of doing whatever can be. So have fun party hard while you can because one day you might not be able to.


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I just had to jump in here..... Many of the illicint drugs cause damage to the brain, thus worsening seizures in people who already have them. In others, damage from illiicit drugs could be a cause of the seizures in the first place. Thus, it's not just true that people will have seizures anyway, regardless of what they do. People's actions can influence whether or not they develop seizures and/or the likelihood that they can get control of their seizures with medicines.

Hope people think carefully about using illicit substances, alcohol, or other stuff and talk honestly with their doctors about what's happening and what they can do to get better seizure control and not cause further harm to themselves.

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peace R.C. 

  hi not (high)

   as a long time hippie, druggie all the other names and one of  jerrys kids lol 

    I will say I could not imagine tripping hard and having a gmal and waking up in er after a sz and still tripping and not having a full blown mind altering thing happen that at the least would get ya a quick trip no pun intended. to the phych ward fpr a stay. 

   I will say aslo that on record and now used by several neuro,s and others in the feild . I descibe waking up froma gmal is like the DOWN side if tripping hard, it is sooo accurate. and partial szs can and do resemble the jolt or the after side of these drugs , the wavy not clear out of touch or deep in touch feeling that can only be found with altering the brain somehow.

   I have 14 yrs sober/drug free and still a hippie. but am personnally glad that I have used these things  because of how close the effects are to the szs mental effects .

 some thing funny I have had gmals for 15 yrs  the first period I was not diagnosed because they said if I quit drinking they would stop. I did and they continued . ??

   alcohol levels are a big NO NO. for the brain with E  duuhhh.all the other triggers folks have  hyper , lack of sleep, stress, not perceiving light , hearing taste , are the trade marks of these drugs . not a question there .

   a person with triggers of these types dosing could garuntee a sz I would think and then the altering along with like I said would not be a good trip.  heck I couldnt answer those basic qiestions they ask you name address ph no.  I could,nt answer when tripping  lol COMBINE  the two and WOW coming down out of that  wow , poor er worker . lol. 

    I,ve seriously hurt mysaelf having a sz. and combine the  two would certany lead to disater even death  that is DED for dummies lol.

    here is a clip I found PEACE     i MISS YOU JERRY



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I don't think that talking about what drugs people have or have not taken is important or useful in this discussion. We have ALL taken drugs of one kind or another whether they are legal or not. Drugs that are not specifically designed to stop or control your seizures are unwise to use unless there are other medical reasons to take them. You are 21 years old and you have plenty of life ahead of you - almost more than you can bring yourself to imagine. Try not to harm your body any more than it has already been harmed. The older you get the more precious your body will be to you.

I hope you will read this and the other posts and make the right decision. 



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I recently (4/19/10) had a grand mal seizure on 3 hits of acid and woke up in the hospital still tripping. Let me tell you, it was very very scary right when the seizure started, but then (as always) I lost consciousness. When I woke up in the ER, there were doctors everywhere hovering over me. They informed me that my kidneys were malfunctioning and kept asking me my name. My brain felt like it was on fire. Jesus it hurt and man did I let them know that. So at that point, they injected me with Fentynal (and I already had around 7 shots of Ativan). Never at any point did I let them know I was tripping, which could or could not have been a bad thing. After the 7 shots of Ativan and 1 shot of Fentynal, I felt pretty good again. I have to emphasize again that my brain hurt really bad and I'm not so sure that I haven't permantly damaged it. But no signs at this time of tramatic damage. Anyway, while tripping still, they put me through tons of tests including a cat-scan and a MRI. In the end, I stayed 5 days in the hospital puking everything I ate, so not so much a fun experiance for me, but a learning one. HISTORY - I'm currently diagnosed with Complex-Partial, but alot of my seizures have been grand mals so I disagree somewhat with my doctor (and not all were induced by drugs like this one). Drugs-wise, I've done everything in the book except heroin (and I mean everything). My epilepsy started when I was younger with no apparent signs or symptoms until 17 years old when I was under heavy stress when having severe back pain (and formally diagnosed). I'm currently on Dilantin and Klonopin. Although these 2 alone don't seem to take the edge off and I'm still having problems with my "severe anxiety disorder". Any suggestions on medicines that might help? Thanks in advance!


Point of the story - Take acid at your own risk, but I'm never going to trip again (even shrooms) and I'm definitely not advocating taking it.

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I have a question that follows me lately.I'm 19 years old and I didn't try psychedelic drugs(I took only marijuana,ketamine and amphetamines-but only few times).The problem is that when I was little (7-8 years old) I was inspected by a doctor because my parents were concerned about me waking up in the middle of the night and walking through the room,and then forgetting(in the morning I could'nt remember that I woke up last night).The doctor said that I have a minor form of epilepsy and he decided to treat me in more years,with a tiny amount of meds,because he wanted not to damage my brain and my memory.I took piramidal(or smth like this I barely remember the exact name)l and vitamins for 5-6 years(no alcohol,no chocolate,no exposure to the sun).I have never had a seizure,because I was treated at time.When I was 13-14years old I stopped the treatment because the doctor said I was ok,healthy.

My question is:can I take drugs?lsd,ecstasy,ketamine,marijuana,amphetamines?or I could have e seizure,and the minor form of epilepsy that I've had in my childhood can return,although my doctor said that now my encefalograms are normal now and i'm healthy?

Idon't want to be a junkie.I just want to try different experiences(as psychedelic trips of acid,the energy and empathy  of an ecstasy,the chillness of the marijuana)from time to time.

But I'm very scared of the probability of become an epileptic,and have seisurez(although I have never had before)

So,can you help me please with an advice?I really want to know how much do I risk doing drungs.

Thank you very much,


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Right on dude.

Try drugs if you want to. But if you don't feel comfortable about taking them or even just the idea, that's cool.
But don't knock drugs like acid. It's a really introspective tool and can help you learn a lot about yourself if you are ready and willing.
Plus it's great fun :D

SWIM has taken various drugs, after being diagnosed. Acid is one of the safest drugs out there if not abused. He's found that weed is actually one of the worst drugs for him to take. It can lead to anxious feelings and vertigo. ugh! O_o

Edit: Oh and SWIM takes Lamictal, Epilim and Keppra. Just incase people were wondering. So far, after 5 or 6 trips, SWIM has not had any side affects apart from the usual LSD 12 hour sleep after touching base-line :P


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You have to ask yourself if it's worth the risk??. 

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If I were you, I wouldn't be asking myself if taking "acid" was ok. I may be asking myself if taking psychogenic drugs had tipped me over my seizure threshold, thereby causing me to have seizures in the first place. Come on, girl - wake up and smell the roses!

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stop tripping! the ammount of fun that it is is not worth the risk of repeated seizures


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Hi everyone,

Just want to add another comment as I've received a number of concerns about this and other threads about 'recreational' or illicit and illegal substances and drugs being used.  This forum is not intended as a discussion or promotion of illegal activity. Please read the terms of service for the site.

If there is discussion about seizures and treatments that does not promote illegal activity, these discussions, within bounds of appropriate 'taste', can be posted here. However, discussions that promote illegal activity or are of poor taste (as determined by the site administrators) will be removed.

Hope this helps and that everyone understands.

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Read my name. Been there. Done that. Hard core. Due to the rules here you're only going to end up with nag posts. Just don't float alone. Side effects from illicit drugs? I had such bad side effects from Lamictal they pulled my gall bladdwr.

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It's funny that I found this, since it was the exact question I had on my mind, with a few different variables. I am 26 and was diagnosed very young. The last meds I was on was Carbatrol and Topamax, and I've been unmedicated for about five years. On average I have about four unprovoked seizures a year, 90% of the time simple partials. I've only had two grand mals my entire life, and the few drug reaction seizures(no better name for them, sorry) have been from drinking, and always the following day. There's just something that alcohol does to my brain that almost guarantee's a seizure unless I use marijuana to counter the disconnected and generaly disoriented feelins that normally preceed my seizures. I smoke marijuana regularly, so I can testify to it's beneficial effects for epileptics, and plan to get my medical card this summer. I would not go as far as to say it is the best drug for any one individual, though, as the choice of medicines and care methods is ultimately up to you.

As for the main topic, pot and psylocibin mushrooms are all I take, and I've never had ill effects from them. I've read cocaine and ecstacy are almost guaranteed to cause seizures, but "halluncingenic compounds" are listed in the "rarely cause seizures" section of the article I was reading.( ) Acid is unlike mushroom though in that it's affect on the brain is a bit more physical than chemical. I'd always heard that it makes your brain and/or brain stem bleed, and I doubt this could be good for an epileptic, especially if you regularly have grand mals.

Either way, the choice is ultimately yours, and you should go about it as you would any life decision: find the facts and make a judgement based on your own experiences and the information available.

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You know I've always wondered if my tripping on acid has caused my epilepsy diagnosis. When I was about 17 I tried acid for the first time. Not long after I started to have grand mals. I'm 30 now. I still have seizures... I'd say about 3 a year. It's better than the 3 a week I started with. For the most part they're controled with meds. I won't trip on acid any longer. Ecstasy and coke seem to trigger seizures when I'm sober about a week after I do the drug. So I stopped doing them as well. I have a medicinal card for pot... that seems to be the best option for me. It's been a long ride... this whole epilepsy thing. Now I see it as more of a blessing in disquise. It made me interested in my health, my well-being. The healthier I get the more I become interested in other things as well... there's more to life than the 'night life'. Im excited to see the rest.