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Hi.  I am having a problem loading the chat room page.  I use Vista and followed the solution process suggested in the Tech Help part of the site, but I do not find a task called "Command Prompt" anywhere.  Can someon help out?  I am using Windows Vista Basic edition, if that means anything.


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Re: Technical Issue

Thanks, Nerak95, but it's been a few weeks and they haven't responded.

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Hi Philo,

 Sorry for missing your request. If you are using vista, have you kept up with upgrades? if not, please run this as latest versions fixed a bug that was problem for many. Then what browser are you using, is java enabled, and are popups allowed?

Why don't you email me all this info and I can help you work this out this week. Sorry for any delay - we'll get you into chat!


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Re: Technical Issue

Hi Epi_help.

Thanks for responding.  I sent you an e-mail with the info you requested...if you need more, just let me know in a reply.