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I am in my mid 30's and suffered multiple brain injuries as a child. Today I was out with a friend, on way to our destination I became very tired and had difficulty holding onto my walker but it passed and everything was okay. A few hours later we had lunch and were just chatting about nothing and I got pain in my stomach, it felt like my stomach twisted and hurt real bad but passed quickly. Shortly after something happened that scared the heck out of me, all of a sudden I got real spaced out and had no idea where anything was, the ground, my arms, my legs nothing. I could hear my friend but couldn't communicate wit her that well, she said I kept calling her name louder and louder I couldn't see very well at all, it felt like my eyes were crossed. My friend said my eyes were not crossed but my eyelids were drooping and that my head was slumped to one side. This lasted a couple minutes according to my friend and afterwards both my hands went tingly and started hurting and my speech was real slurred and a bit jumbled and I still felt kinda spaced out. I am okay now but have a headache and am still pretty tired and  really scared. Could this have been a seizure?

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