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Epi, yesterday on May 6th, 2010, I kept trying to post a reply on the discussion titled "13 year old son diagnosed before 6th grade", but kept receiveing the message of... "Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted." I took another shot at this again today, and the spam filter message showed up again. Then I took a shot at what I thought might be causing this problem by removing the weblinks in my reply, clicked on the "Preview comment", and my hunch was right. With the weblinks removed, this time, the spam filter message did not show up.

Then I looked over some of the most recent replies other members had posted, and some of those replies did include weblinks. Epi, the weblinks I'm trying to use as resources are to the Seizure Medicines section on here, my[dot]epilepsy[dot]com. The weblinks I found in another member's reply, who by the way just joined on May 5th, those weblinks are not connect to my[dot]epilepsy[dot]com.




Bruce, the same exact thing happened to me.  I'm temped to take an vacation if things don't get fixed!   Also, I had to fill out a "catcha" just to send out this post!  VERY annoying!     Phylis Feiner Johnson


I was just about to start a forum on this very subject when I found yours.

I sent letters to the webmaster when the censor was first installed. "spam filters" are technical issues usually in the province of the webmaster. I got sick and tired or no response so I launched a tirade on the old ecstatic seizures forum.

That got me a nasty response from epi-help saying I should have written. She and webmaster sit right next to each other and are friends. I wrote to them. They never replied and blasted me for posting my complaints.

It is not a spam filter. It lets certain links through without even triggering the captcha gotcha. It censors links to by blog posts and I have started getting the captcha gotcha for the link to my domain name. They know I am not a spammer.

I don't know what kind of spam filter it is because I keep finding spam and flagging it as inappropriate content. That is not how to deal with spam. That is the way to deal with inappropriate comments and perhaps links to truly objectionable content.

My blog is not spam. Links to eMedicine WebMd are not spam. Links to are not spam. Links to very good articles about insurance issues and employment issues for epileptics are not spam, yet these get censored.

I just got a comment on my forum, which was missing the pic, but I found it on another and it is a flashing, blinking, picture and I just spend Wednesday afternoon in he ER because I had a seizure in he waiting room before my doctor's appointment. I'm now taking Valium, which I hate and is making me sick because it has corn starch in it and I'm so sick now I can't even tolerate pharmaceutical grade corn starch anymore.

That is spam and it is dangerous and how the hell did this user manage to get an automation inserted into a comment anyway? That's some pretty sophisticated html.

I am also getting the captcha gotcha for my domain name now. That used to go through without a problem. I have difficulty with the captcha gotchas because of increasing impairments from my now out of control epilepsy.

I've noticed a pattern to their censorship. They censor the competition. They censor the words insurance, employment, and suicide, among others. I think the censor can count and there is a limit to the number of times the same link may be posted.

It is not a spam filter. It is a censor. If I were not so isolated that I did not need the contact with other people from this site, I, like Phylis, would take a "vacation" from this site. This "spam filter" is a censor and it is truly offensive.

I don't think they like people like you and Phylis and Tadzio and me on this site. We know a lot, we do a lot, and, though we may disagree at times, I think we all want to help people. We want mostly for people to be independent and help themselves.

I do not think that is the goal of this site. They speak of empowerment, but the empowerment in which they believe is empowerment for themselves. Please take a look at their board of directors. I believe you can find it on the professional part of this web site.

With the exception of the doctor from Harvard University, the board consists almost entiredly of "money" people. That is what this site is all about.

I am truly disgusted. These people use our words for their search rankings. They put the top ten ranked fora on every single web page to get them into the search rankings. They publish the more active fora as blogs to get search engine visiblility there. I'm rather an SEO expert so I keep tabs on these things.

Well my head feels like it's going to explode and this is probably a disorganized rant due to the seizures and the Diazepam. I hope you can figure out what I was trying to say.

Baruch Hashem. Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak the zealot needs help!

P.S. Please read my blog. Thanks.

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