Night Seizures

The past few nights I've been woken from a sound sleep one night from dreaming of being in the middle of a "seizure" in a dream and last night I could not escape a spinning sensation in a dream and woke up with a splitting headache...has anyone experienced anything similar?


Re: Night Seizures

all my seizures I have are at night and alot of the time I can feel a strange sensation in my body telling me one is coming, im sure you all know how it feels because its just undescibeable it feels kind of cool but you know it really isnt by any means. Im no doctor but it alway helps me when ever I feel that way at night its always just beter to wake myself up right away than to try to go back to sleep. Im one who doesnt sleep well and seem to wake up atleast once or twice every night, I dont know what kind of meds you take but I take some in the morning and before I go to bed and Ive found out if I wake up one night for quite some time one night and cant go back to sleep its always beter to take some more meds again before i even try to get some more sleep or alot of the time I end up having a seizure that night, I dont know why it is but its beter to take a few more that night than go through hell for the next week, thats just what Ive learned from my past experiences and tested them om myself so I really believe and can stand behind what I say,(but thats just me and how my body works I guess) let me know if you have any questions, Im also one that has lived with seizures all my life and learned to live with it too.

Re: Night Seizures

I absolutely have had the same thing happen to me.  I do believe they are seizures.  I have never had any professional confirm this, but I believe it.  I wake up in a groggy post seizure state, where I can't focus my mind and have to work to concentrate to focus my eyes.  It seems every bone in my body ache and every muscle is stiff. I want to go back to bed for a day to "get it together".  I THINK what you are describing is a seizure, but I wander to is it a vivid dream?