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Is my epilepsy back?

Hi all,

My name is Tessa. I'm new here.  

Between the ages of 2 and 6 I had a series of simple partial seizures, which climaxed in a pretty severe grand mal seizure when I was 6.  I took Dilantin until I was 12, at which point my doctor said that I had "outgrown" my epilepsy. 

I am now 20 and for the past two years I have been experiencing this weird déjà vu accompanied by a dropping feeling in my stomach (like on a roller coaster) and anxiety.  At first I brushed them off as panic attacks. However, today I have had six episodes accompanied by a severe headache and fatigue.  Normally, I only have one or two every couple of months. After doing some research, I was led here to a forum thread about temporal lobe seizures.  The posts there described my déjà vu feeling in the most accurate way I've ever read.

Could my epilepsy be back? What kinds of tests should I have done to make sure there's not something serious happening?

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