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Lamictal users please read and help me...

Hi my name is Samantha, I am 24 yrs old. I do not have seizures or epilepy but this is the only site I have found that has any information on the medication Lamictal. I am supposed to be taking it for bipolar disorder but I am nursing so I have been unable to start my medication. I wasn't on the any medication while I was pregnant with my son who is now 5 months old and I was wondering if there is anyone else in my shoes that hadn't been on the medication but needed to start it after a birth of a baby and did and breastfeed on it. Or if anyone knows of possible things that could accure if I went ahead and started my medication while still nursing as I have been unable to wean my son to a bottle, I think I am going to not beable to wean him until he can start taking a sippy cup. Any advice is needed and will be extreamly helpful. Thanks for everyone's time. If you would like to contact me with information outside of the website you can email me at thanks!


Hi and thanks for writing in. I don't know answer to your question. Most studies are done on women who have been taking lamictal during pregnancy. When breastfeeding babies are getting less exposure to the drug than during the pregnancy itself.  I started looking at literature about lamictal used in non epilepsy situations and came across this. It's a bit old and I would suggest you keep searching and take the information to your current doctor. Also remember that when the benefits of using a medication outweighs the risks, it's important to consider this. Thus decisions about breastfeeding and the impact on the child should be looked at in light of risk of waking up frequently and sleep deprivation for moms who are breastfeeding and the benefits the medication.

Please note, I don't support any one article - but this site may have more for you to look at.


Take Lamictal but stop breastfeeding imediately and give your baby formula.  I believe they have been no study done on the effect of Lamictal on an infant brain.  Why take a risk on your child brain?  Go to a bipolar disorder website and ask the same question. 

Many people feed organic to their babies and toddlers to give them the best chance in life.  Why you you polute your child with Lamictal?  Lamictal has many sides effects why expose your baby to it?

Maybe you could pump for a week or two and freeze it and then start the medicine.I have the paper from the pharmacy that came with my daughters lamictal.It says                                                                            "lamictal can pass through your breast milk.

You and your health care provider should decide if you should take lamictal or breastfeed.Breastfeeding while taking lamictal is not reccomended."

If doctors don't give you an answer call the pharmacist.  They are able to give you detailed information about the affects/effects of medications. When I'm sick, I call the pharmacist first for recommendations.  Think about it, they see what many doctors choose to prescribe.  They can compare and are educated in DRUGS.

Aside from the medication, my daughter would not nurse at all.  Nor would she drink from a bottle.  In desperation, I finally used sippy cups, and it worked.  Messy, but, worked.

My attitude is when in doubt, throw it out. Don't take meds and nurse. If you can wait for your little one to go to a cup, don't take the med.  But, if you know you need it now, and your behaviour with bi-polar is risky with your child, stop nursing, take the med, and start working with your child to take formula/bottle/cup.

Your a mom now, seek the best interest of your child, and if it means you bulking up with your meds, do it. It's hard but children are able to adapt if they are taught with patience.

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