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lamictal hair loss

hi everyone..

i am taking 300 mg of lamictal daily and hairing hair loss. but my seizures are under control. has anyone had any luck with selenium, biotin. zinc and centrum silver i have read that people have if so does anyone know how long it takes till you notice a difference.

i would really be greatful for any help.
i really dont wanna lose my hair.

please help.



I have had seizures my whole life and have been on SEVERAL seizure medications.  I lost a lot of hair on Depakote, I always had thick hair until it fell out in sink loads.  Then I got off Depakote and it grew back because my dr put me on Keppra, which did not control my seizures.  I have now been on Lamictal for 3 years and only the past 6 months I have experienced great hair loss, probably because my dosage was increased.  Now, as of next week, they want to increase it again.  I found out that it also causes bone marrow to deteriorate, for my neurologist told me to get a dexascan and take 1mg a day of folic acid to help prevent osteoporosis.  My memory also is horrific; I go to school ( college ) and it is very difficult to remember things, I feel like I am stoned all the time.  I don't want to lose the rest of my hair on this stuff.  I talked to my hair stylist and she told me to take a multivitamin and eat a lot of protein.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I have used biotin 5000 mcg. daily.  It helped after 3 months. My hair grew back stronger and w/ a little strength it had lost.  This is the not the first time I have lost hair do to medication.  I lost hair do to Deapkote, test drug, I also noted easy nail breakage and I already was taking a multivitamin.  The Internist added 1 gm Folic Acid too for the nails.

I would use a gentle shampoo too.

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