HELP withdrawals tapering Keppra


I am having extreme anxiousness after my third cut of 250mg tapering Keppra.  I was at 3000mg and now at 2250mg.  I am tapering every two weeks 250mg.  The anxiousness is as bad as when I tapered Klonopin five years ago.  I did not know I would have to go through withdrawal tapering from Keppra as I did with Klonopin. I did not know that anti seizure medication has the same effect withdrawal as benzodiazepine medications.  The reason I am tapering is I had surgery, been seizure free, and ready to taper off as much of my medication as I can.  I am taking Dilantin 430mg, Lamictal 650mg, and Keppra was 3000mg.    Is there anything I can do to help relief the anxiousness I am having?