help* is this a seizure? paralysis

Hi, I am trying to sort some things out. I had an event while driving a few years ago. I was suddenly paralysed and could not move or speak. I knew I was paralysed and wanted to yell to my children to hold on, but I was unable to do anything. I saw the car in front of me coming to a stop. I thought to myself that my kids and i were going to hit that car and be killed. Suddenly, I gained control of my body again and then my memory is a bit hazy. I think I remember veering and then getting home and telling my hubby. While paralysed I was conscious of where I was, what was happening. I am wondering if this could be a seizure or possibly a stroke? I was tested for seizures a year later but never had an mri for stroke. I know my limits and cannot seem to drive for too long or when overtired. Sleep study showed lack of rem sleep. When I get overtired/ extremely stressed, weird things happen like I talk and don't realize I was talking. I am told I said something other than what I thought I said. I can't concentrate and find myself having odd out of body spells but mostly when driving. I have small periods when all of a sudden I cannot read something and a few seconds, maybe a minute later, I can read again. Does this sound like stroke at all? Or seizure? Or mental illness? Thanks for your help. I have been taking it very easy for the past few years but life is life and I will have to return to work which I am not healthy enough for and then the spells start happening when I get too run down. I do have anxiety and do not want to seek mental health counseling.