Re: help to know

Dizziness can be a symptom of many things. For some people, dizziness may be part of a seizure. It can also be a side effect of some seizure medicines. However, dizziness can also be a sign of heart or blood pressure problems, inner ear problems, or a host of other things. People who have seizures with dizziness, or are on medicines that may cause this should track what's going on, when and how long it lasts and make sure to talk to the neurologist. Medicine levels may be recommended to see if the problem is related to how much is in the body. Or changing the way the medicine is taken sometimes helps. It's best not to make these changes without medical advice however!  If the dizziness isn't related to epilepsy or medicines, it's important to see a primary care doctor who can do a general workup and decide if another type of doctor or test is needed.

If a symptoms bothers someone, don't ignore it, take it back to the doctor, nurse or whomever is treating you and ask what to do.

Epi_help,  Resource Specialist