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In November 2011 my husband started having horrible seizures out of nowhere. A year later we know they are called grand mals and his EEG was postive for seizure activity . He had an mri and ct scan and all negative. He takes lamitical and zonergrin . Latley he is doing wired lip smacking movements with his lips he has horrible muscle spasm which are painful and is night and day. Could he be having partial seizures now is it possible to have two kinds of seizures. He had a grand mal 2 weeks ago. Any insight will help thanks


Yes, multiple seizure types are possible. What did the Docs suggest?

I have complex partial seizures which originate from both the left and right temporal lobes plus tonic clinic if I miss multiple doses of my meds. The seizures started rather abruptly about 14 years ago at 45.

"Grand mal' seizures, also called tonic clonic can occur when seizure activity affects both sides of the brain at the same time, or can start in one area or side of the brain and spread to the whole brain. If seizures start in one area of the brain, different symptoms can be seen, including automatisms or repetitive movements like lipsmacking. Keep track of what people see during the seizures, what comes first, and how symptoms progress during the seizure. Take that to the next doctor's appointment and ask questions!

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