Firstgiving Help

Have you heard of Firstgiving fundraising pages or widgets and have
questions? This is the place to get the answers.
Hi. I'm Karen, the webmaster. I'm here to help you out with
Web-related questions. In this forum, I will be answering questions about using Firstgiving for fundraising.

If you want more information on what a Firstgiving fundraising page is,
see my Forum under Products, Resources, Helpful Links.

Want to get a Firstgiving Fundraising page?
Just go to our
Start Page

Want to get a Firstgiving Fundraising page that specifically benefits our
$5 Campaign going on right now?
go to the campaign page
and click on I want to raise money too
which you'll find under
the thermometer on the page.

Do you have a Firstgiving fundraising page and need help getting your widget
or badge onto your posts here in the community?
We have a help page with
step-by-step instructions including pictures.

I'm here to answer any other technical questions you have related to
Firstgiving in this forum. Just post your question here and I'll answer. That
way if someone else has the same problem—they will be able to see the answer.
You can always email me at
too. Only emailing me won't benefit
other people who have the same or a similar question.
Looking forward to helping you with your questions!
:o) Karen webmaster


Re: Firstgiving Help

Let's make that thermometer rise and each give $5!

Let's see how fast we can do it... I'll keep bumping this up!