Eyeball twitching

Hi guys, im new to the forum.

 Ive been on Keppra for about 6 years now and been problem free. Initially i had about 4-5 grand mals in 2 years, which were preceded by plenty of drink and lack of sleep. They generally came the day after a session. So i stopped drinking for a while, but i would still suffer twitching in various parts of my body. Generally legs and arms, but nothing too major. I was presribed Keppra and diagnosed with Juvenile Myclonic Epiliepsy at the age of 25, im now 31. More recently, ive been getting a twitching feeling in the back of my eyeball. Do any of you have this at all? Is it related to my meds/epilepsy? Am i getting tolerance from my meds?!

 Any help would be great.

Thanks, JB


Re: Eyeball twitching

When unusual or different symptoms happen, it helps to talk to doctor treating the epilepsy. Some twitching can be 'normal' and related to things like lack of sleep, stress. Other times twitching may be related to the seizure activity, or even side effects of meds, There is a phenomena called nystagmus where there are spontaneous movements of the eyes usually side to side, that can be related to medicines. So talk to the doctor about this. He or she would need to examine you and take a look at the eyes and the rest of you!

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Re: Eyeball twitching

(tabbytails) I think it's sort of the epilepsy unless one of your side effects is twitching. But I get them time to time. I have photosensitive seizure though so it's mainly the seizure. It's nothing compared to the eye rolling I do. Lol.

Re: Eyeball twitching

I had occasional uncontrollable eye movement and eyelid spasms, but only during some thunderstorms. The first time it happened, it was freaky. I have complex-partial type epilepsy, but have not had a seizure since 2009. I thought it might be seizure activity, but my neurologist said no. I'm on Topomax. It has happened only 3-4 times, and every time a thunderstorm was going strong. Mild storms don't affect me. The last bad storm we had made me feel weird, like my brain was moving too fast. I was at choir practice and had no unusual eye movement. My neurologist scheduled an EEG to see if I've had any recent seizure activity that maybe I've not recognized. Always talk to your Dr. This forum is helpful, but your Dr needs to know how you feel, and what's going on in your brain.