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Re: Duplicated posts


Dear Epi_help,

I don't know if my e-mails are getting through to you. I'll try again, and I've posted many of my
concerns on discussion/980607.

Thank You

Re: Duplicated posts


Dear Webmaster:

I didn't get an automatic return of my e-mail through the website e-mail writer so I am trying
again through AOL and your e-mail address.  And before I forget, is this website based in the USA or
Canada? And with some corrections:

I find phrases like "professional-Victim", "wallow in self-pity", "a fly on the wall" , etc. to be very
damaging to everyone, especially with major life impairments like epilepsy.

Previously, I asked many forum members and blog posters to be very careful with the usages of such
phrases on this website.  Most people take the slightest hint and stop it;  some don't, and I give
them a stronger hint.

I know I'm not alone in doing this because I've seen it done many other times by others.  For instance,
one person used a very offensive racial word in quoting John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's song title in
"Some Time in New York City."  One hint to this person from another person ended this incident promptly
with very few "hurt feeling."

After a stronger hint this time, many members decided to attack me with phrases about my personal
character and personality.  I probably can take these assaults after the prejudice I have experienced
with society over my epilepsy and its effects all my 56 years of life;  with the effects of AEDs and
further brain damage, its getting more and more difficult though.

New visitors to this site who may be extremely vulnerable psychologically could easily take these phrases
out of context, and it could prove fatal.

I know many members here have already assumed that I am applying their phrases to them when I try to
hypothetically illustrate the danger of such phrases by applying their phrases to myself and asking how
I should feel with those phrases applied to me by others (and now applied to me by them, very strongly).
(Sorta of like what was called the problem of "the stickiness of toxic labels" or phrases back in the
early 1980's, if I remember correctly).

My experiences on this website started with a warm welcome and assurances that many people were here to
help with the problems of epilepsy;  the slightest problems resulted in being ostracized by the very welcoming
members, and now, after expressing fears of how dangerous toxic phrases can be with epilepsy, I'm told
by these very members and others that I am a professional-victim and just a
fly-on-the-wall that should just get lost, etc.

The WebSite managers here know this is happening, and their response has been to expunge and edit many of
my postings,which strangely makes the other members' conduct look even worse.  Many dangerous and toxic
remarks of many others to me are left intact so far, on the very same page the Website managers decided
to edit.

The Website managers have told me not to ramble on, and this occurred paradoxically on a blog entitled
by someone else as "Re: Just Rambling....".

Trying to keep the toxic phrases of other members in context, I've made multiple postings of duplicate
material, and this is now against the Website policies.

The Website advises to stay on point of a forum or blog as much as possible, but the website has listed
related material at the bottoms of the pages of forums and blogs;  I followed the advice of the relatedness
of such material, and now the Website managers indirectly tell me that when I use such material at their
advice in the very forums and blogs it's listed, that it violates website protocol.

Unfortunately, I feel this very website violates the ADA and poses a hazard to members of the public who
may experience the hazards of epilepsy, and my challenge now is to determine how to correct it, or to
shrug-off any moral responsibility and just walk away.

I'm sorry that I'm very wordy, but many difficult concepts require wordiness.  And yes, I've been told
here just today:  Hi 3hHours....Blah, Blah, Blah.....

What do you recommend to be done?  What can I try with what's available to me and my limited capabilities?
Some of these problems seem to be finally retreating, but others have just been re-worded to be more of
a "thing" now ("the Victim (with a capital V) and Creator thing"  instead of how my "nasty views on how life sucks

playing the "Victim" (with a big V)") .