Does anyone have an opinion on this? Healthy 38 yr old female has a seizure while running on treadmil! GrandMal


So there I was at ten o’clock on a Wednesday night running my usual 6 mile course on the treadmill. I must admit, I did start off a little faster that night but not my maximum potential speed. I started off with 6.5-6.6.

I only run every other day and this is the only exercise I do.

I do remember seeing very slight fuzz looking straight at the wall but it seemed like nothing and I just chalked it up to setting the treadmill to close to the wall and not focusing well. I also was staring at my IPOD as I watched one of my favorite episodes which I mostly always do, but sometimes I listen to music especially if I want to increase my pace.


I don’t remember the following sequence of events:

Apparently, I put the treadmill on stop, like on “Pause” I got off of the treadmill and walked into my husband’s office which was the room right around the corner. I asked him who he was and he replied with a shocked response. I then told him that I must be hallucinating.

He said that I looked like I had run 20 miles and totally out of it! Like I was sleep walking. Taking me by the arm, we walked over to the couch and sat down. He got up and checked the treadmill which indicated that I had only ran for 22:00 minutes, only about 2.5 miles which he knew was only a fraction of my workout.

Then he heard a thump, and found me on the floor convulsing like crazy, eyes rolled back, and teeth clenched. He says he thinks it lasted 1-2 minutes but he just was so shocked he didn’t know the exact time.


Paramedics came and I was fighting them. I don’t remember anything.

I woke up finally in the ambulance. I was totally lost and confused. They explained that I had a seizure and we were going to the hospital. Repeatedly, I kept saying “I’m dying huh?” They could only continue re-assuring me over and over again.

By the time I reached the hospital, I was very calm but embarrassed that my hubby saw me like that however, I was in good spirits but totally confused over what had transpired.


I was  kept at the hospital for 3 nights. I was seen by an Internal medicine doctor, a neurologist and a Cardiologist.  My potassium level was a little low they said. 3.1 verses normal at 3.5.

The cardiologist ordered an EKG, Stress Test  and a CAT. Neurologist wanted MRI.

Of course all tests were normal but some had variances. It upset me that the doctors would not order an ultrasound of my Carotid Artery just because the major tests came out normal.


Let me explain the variances. The Stress test was cut early, before my Maximum heart rate was reached, due to my pants falling down! They were supposed to aim for 190 but stopped me at 160. They called out to the Cardiologist “Hey, her pants are falling down, were at 130, can we stop?” “Yeah, that’s good enough” he hollered back.

After the stress test, the Cardiologist said, “A little leaky on the valves there but nothing major and its common for athletes to have this issue”.


Really? I asked myself. This guy has never questioned me on my workout regimen so how does he know that I’m “AN ATHLETE”!


I got released from hospital with a generic po instruction sheet. Obviously not specific to seizures. I know it was generic because it said it was “OK to resume sexual activity!” then in hand writing they wrote in, “No running, no driving “


Did they read the sheet themselves? I had to laugh as I was thinking ....How they know I don’t put 6 miles into my sexual routine! Hah!


Thinking back now and researching seizures, there have been occurrences in my life in the past and some that occur frequently.

I once blacked out and nearly fainted in a stressful situation. I was able to catch it, sit down and someone talked to me and I was fine after a few minutes. I was 24 then.

My hand has had a very, very, slight tremor but will increase rapidly and really start shaking in nervous situations or under pressure.

And probably the most frequent one would be the “DeJa Vu” feelings or feeling like I'm falling down from a building when I go to sleep.


I am so confused now. Does anyone have any advise?