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Hi, I have had epilepsy for a couple of years now. We are still  trying to discover triggers and symptoms of my Seizures. My wife keeps commenting on me having bloodshot eyes the last few days and I know she has commented on it in the past but I am not sure if it is connected to my Epilepsy or medication or something else. Does anyone have any feedback so I can try and set my wife at ease, she thinks I might have a seizure soon and would be nice if I could reassure her that she has nothing to worry about.




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when u wake up in the morning ?

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depends on the med. Topamax does this and I also got on other meds. Did you change to a new one? Interesting, my sister just noted that when i am in mode where i will have a seizure, my eyes are bloodshot before, don't know that this is always true.

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Hi mmflegg06,

After working a couple years at wood-pulp facility with paper manufacturing, I have minor to moderate Bloodshot Eyes continually, but I have had severe Bloodshot Eyes at times from both AEDs and seizures.

Tegretol and Tylenol for seizures/migraines gave me yellowish-orangish-red bloodshot eyes with the onset of liver/kidney failure apparently related to the medications. Many other AEDs also increase sensitivity to many irritants.

My bloodshot eyes related to seizures is most often when I have clusters of seizures that tend to increase the chances of getting irritants in my eyes, then rubbing my eyes, during moderate to more severe seizures in the clusters.

In more strong complex partial seizures, my eyes often become very red from what I believe is a form of Valsalva Petechiae, with severe secondary tonic-clonics having included Valsalva Retinopathy. Between moderately often just bloodshot eyes, and instances of rare internal bleeding, I had one severe case of "bespeckled black eyes", as if I were a "choked-to-death" murder victim.

Bloodshot eyes from some seizures are similar to bloodshot eyes from "The Choking Game" at:

In another forum, about mid-way down the page, I listed more medical journal references, at: