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 my name is paul frombaltimore ...Ive been epileptic since my childhood and it had caused me so much embarassment, so much pain, it even happened a few times when driving.. i tried all solutions ...spent thousands of dollars with no visible result , and my son also developed it at the age of 14 and it was all thesame till he was about 20..i tried all medical solutions to no avail then someone introduced me to someone in africa that had a cure for it and i decided to give him a try...i went there once when i had a job to execute there and i decided to go see the man. aparently he didnt even charge me much like doctors would do. and he gave me some mixtures and times to use them.... i used it for about a month. and i made sure my son was using it as well..its been 2 years now and ive not had any kind of seisures... i really dont know ...i am so grateful to the man and i just thought i could suggest it here incase anyone wants to try him out. his email address is  hope it all works out.


Hi callpaul,

I don't believe ruby-slippers will help with epilepsy, even in the Land of Oz.

While my not being close to a large University's Library sorta delays the info on the latest medical fads, one back-water wave from the tidal wave of "Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Attacks" (PNEAs) offers the strategy of "curing epilepsy" and all other "seizures" by totally moving it to the realm of "Somatoform Disorders."

In fact, the total concept of epilepsy can be dumped into the trash-bin of history by using the new nonsense from the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition" (DSM-V).

Another "fact", epilepsy might just be "The presence of [a] 'fashionable' diagnoses, such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain [15] (and probably others such as chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease)." "The differential diagnosis of epilepsy: A critical review" by S. Benbadis, Epilepsy & Behavior 15 (2009) page 16.

It sounds like you have noticed the phenomenon that E. Fuller Torrey noted in his book "The Mind Game: Witchdoctors and Psychiatrists" (1973), in that once epilepsy is officially relabeled amongst somatoform disorders, the specific somatoform disorder can best be treated by a witchdoctor than a psychiatrist or "neuropsychiatrist."

Just like the results of the new DSM-V, it seldom works with epilepsy, even for true-believers.


there is no harmin trial ..ive tried it and i am a living witness.. it worked for me and my son....

Hi Callpaul

I live in would be really nice if this guy crawled out of his hiding place and offered the solution to us all. We would be very grateful. Where in Africa is he hiding with this wonder drug? He would be very wealthy. We would probably name all our children after him. Tell him not to be shy. What country is he from? Is he a registered sangoma?

apparently he is not hiding, the last time i spoke to him, he is trying to get himself registered and all that. and that takes a long process... just email him and see what he can do for you.he is in nigeria.

Hi Callpaul,
I'm glad it worked for you and your son...

Not so long ago, an entire extended family died after ingesting a potion from the local sangoma in training. If you are joking,  please stop. No-one takes muti from a sangoma they do not know.

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