after affect of siezure

I am new to this site .. I have not had a seizure in 3 years.. I use tegretol to stop them... about 6 weeks ago I felt like I was about to have one so I sat down for a minute then the feeling went away.. I did not pass out... I get a woozy feeling before I have one...but after it went outside the sun was 15% brighter I saw a little double vision , walked a little weak not completely steady and my ears felt like I came from high altitude to low kind of stopped up... this went on for a month easy ...also my brain felt like I had the flu with no side effects.. but no headaches .. in fact my hunger for food picked up a bit...could someone tell me what this might be   my neuro doctor could not tell me anything. he did the standard tests  my regular doc did a blood panel and I am fine... I did need glasses that helped a bit but I still can see a double light at night at 50 yards. has anyone felt strange after a possible seizure for over a month or two before... thanks in advance