Advice needed for triggering temporal lobe seizures

Hi everyone! As I speak I am sitting in a hospital bed having a 5 day eeg. I haven't had a siezure yet and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to make one happen. I have been sleep deprived for 3 nights and still nothing. I can't leave here not knowing. Please help!


Re: Advice needed for triggering temporal lobe seizures

It may sound as something stupid and i am no doctor and have no clue if its even normal to sujjest such a thing but you may try of course with the approval of the doctor to drink alcohol like vodka go to sleep for 2 hours wake up walk like 5 minutes and return to bed.Now try to close your eyes and if it doesn't help try using flashes with eyes being closed.

 I don't think someone could give you a good sujjestion,on each person it work diffrently,when i move my leg up and my muscle of the leg starts to shake i can get a seizure.

besides interapting sleep won't do anything unless its the middle of the night.try going to sleep in 3 in the morning and wake up in like 6 oclock usually at thoe hours you will be in deep stage of sleeping maybe it should make the seizure for you after you wake up.


about the alcohol thing altough it sounds stupid its the only thing that will provoke the seizures really good

Re: Advice needed for triggering temporal lobe seizures

it is not uncommon for people to be admitted to the hospital and not have seizures.  not sure why, some say one thing then others say something else.  talk to the doc about evoking seizures.  it may not be the only  purpose for you to be in  hospital.  let the doc control triggering of seizures.  hope it helps.  rikk

Re: Advice needed for triggering temporal lobe seizures

It is not uncommon to withhold AEDs when trying to record seizure activity.  I would discuss with your doctor that since you haven't had any clinical seizures if withdrawing some of your meds could be tried to provoke a seizure. 

They did this with my daughter.


Re: Advice needed for triggering temporal lobe seizures


its true its very common that the sz dont occur but flashing lights can trigger a sz big time I saw private ryan and that nite I had a full blown sz so when the docs asked if I knew one of my triggers well all I gotta say is when the movie was put in within sec I had a full blown sz.

I hopeour input is helping you