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14 year old daughter complains of pain in her legs, ankles, bottom of her feet, arms, hands, shoulders and neck

The pain will not go away! She is also unable to sleep longer than a few hours due to the pain. We have tried ibuprofen, tylenol, aspirin, hydrocodone, with no luck. She is absolutely miserable and scared. I took her to the ER and their only suggestion was melatonin to help her sleep (which we tried but it didn't work) I need help. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?
She has been diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy and she did start a new medication, Ethosuximide, within the last month. She also had a large tonic clonic seizure on Sunday morning a week ago. The pain started a week ago and became severe 3 days ago but the neurologist is convinced her epilepsy and seizure are not related to her muscle pain, I find it very coincidental if it's not related.
She describes the pain as being a deep severe muscle ache.
I appreciate anyone who has any ideas.

Thanks so much!!!


I get an aching in my calves, like a really tired feeling that sometimes feels better if I put my legs up, but nothing to the degree of your daughter.  If this is something she hasnt experienced before it could be the medicine.  They don't effect everyone the same and sometimes doctors brush them off if they arent listed as a frequent side effect.  When my son was young they prescribed him zoloft, then he starting having large blood clots in his urine.  I kept telling them I thought it could be the medicine and they said that was not a side effect of this medication.  They put him through all of these tests and finally wanted to do a kidney biopsy and I finally said I want to take him off this medication first.  I took him off and he never had the problem again. You know your child better than anyone and sometimes you have to be a nuisance before doctors will listen.  I hope things get better.

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