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Vision/dreams during grand mal seizures

During sleep, you see a lot of things in your dreams, most of which you don't remember. I don't remember anything from most of my grand mal seizures--does that mean I don't see anything, or might I be seeing something and not remember it afterwards?


I can never stop a Grand mal seizure and also NEVER remember that I had one. BUT I DO REMEMBER HAVING DREAMS WHILE HAVING THE SEIZURE. And I'm always awake when I get them. Well, you know what I mean. So I always have new scars on me.

But what gets to me are the dreams because they always seem so familiar. Like I've had it before, or been there before...almost like something in me is trying to remember something.

I've had epilepsy since 12 years old but only for the last 3 years or so these dreams have started happening and when I wake up I am told that 5 or 10 minutes after I want to either run away from something or protect people or scream and kick. And 3 or 4 days later pieces of the dream starts coming back to me. And I'm not liking what I'm seeing.

So yes. I suppose there's a reason that we "black out" (for lack of better words), everybody's brain keeps on working until we don't. We just have to try and remember.

The question is: do you want to?  And I really don't think it is that bad like mine. Remember, having a seizure isn't easy and takes a lot out of you. 

My son was very recently just diagnosed with epilepsy so I am still learning about all of this myself! He also has grand mals. He has told me on two different occasions that he has dreamnt that he died but didn't leave earth. He though he was an angel still on earth.  One of these happened while he was in the hospital and I reasured him that he had not died. Didn't ask him for more details because it scared me! If you go through the list on syptoms during a seizure one of them is out of body experience! The brain is very complex and there are still alot of unknowns out there. I don't know if this helps you with your question but I hope it helps a little.

I don't think I have ever dreamed during a seizure, if I have I do not remember. What I do remember is that I get the aura and then I wake up confused an weak. Its like when a movie goes from one scene to another without any pauses or fades...

In the case of visions or dreams i may not remember. The parts that i remember most are waking up with a massive headache, blood on the ground, eyes are in pain. Trying to figure where i am in the world. The only thing i recognize is my panicked dog worried sick about me as she runs about trying to get someones attention. Then as i come too i'll get this overwhelming feeling between the most frightened I've ever been and wanting to burst out crying. People have explained to me that people with Gran Mal sz go into the darkest places in their minds while in there sz. So i can say that's the feeling i get afterwards but do not really see images. Though when i sleep my dreams are vivid, basically i go to sleep and a movie starts. I can remember my dreams to the tee, though I'm not keen on wanting to know my sz nightmare.

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