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Reiki cured my epilepsy!!

The Subject says it all, no catches, no nothing. I am now apparently free from the chains of epilepsy!!

Dear All,

I am writing this to you very excitedly and bursting with this information that I want to share with you.

Between 2003 and 2005 I had about 5 grand mal seizures, where I would go completely unconscious and not have a clue what happened until a good half hour after waking up from my seizures when things fell into place. In 2005 I started taking dilantin, and never had a seizure again until 2010 where I had one while going thru an extremely stressful & sleep deprived week. After 5 years of thinking that your'e not going to get them anymore, I'm sure you can imagine how nerve wracking that was, especially because I fell flat on my face and broke one of my front teeth in half, requiring me to get a root canal done. I had done CT and MRI scans which showed nothing, but do an EEG once every six months to a year, as the EEG is the only test that shows abnormalities (spikes).

Recently I came across a Reiki healer (spiritual/energy healing). There are a lot of phonies out there who claim to be healers but are full of crap, so you need to really find a real one. There's a society of them here in Bangkok, Thailand, and if needed, you can email me and I'll see if I can put you in touch with one in your country/city (email address at the end of this). Anyway, I had done 4 total reiki treatments in about 4-5 months which simply consisted of me lying down on a bed, and the reiki therapist placing her hands on your head, and continuing to place them on each "chakra" or points of energy in your body, asking you questions, etc. bringing out a lot of emotional/mental release, as well as feeding you with powerful, strong energy being channeled through. Weird, I know, and trust me, before my very first treatment, I was the biggest skeptic you'd ever meet about this stuff, and only did it because my girlfriend talked me into it. The treatments last about an hour or an hour and a half and can be considered something similar to a very relaxing meditation.

Last week I got my EEG done, and my neurologist had to double and triple check that it was mine. His first words were "This is amazing! Your EEG for the first time is absolutely normal!" It was a sleep deprived EEG too which involved me sleeping only 2 hours the night before, hyperventilating during the test as well as experiencing very intense bright flashes of light during the test (meant to induce a seizure). He said that the entire time, my wavelengths were absolutely perfect and normal, and were those of a very healthy and normal brain pattern!

I had tears in my eyes and texted my Reiki therapist immediately. The doctor said to continue taking the Dilantin for another year, do the test again, and if everything's normal, I can completely come off it. This was huge for me as in the beginning I was told I had to take these pills every night for the rest of my life!

I urge everyone of you with any form of epilepsy to please try this out. If you're a skeptic like I was, the way I was convinced to do it was "Listen, it will either do nothing for you, or do good for you, there's no way it'll do anything bad, so why not just take 2 hours out of your life for a chance to be cured of a life long illness?" - makes sense. My therapist told me the energies around my head were all over the place, and my "aura" was unbalanced and shifted, which she fixed during the very first sitting.

Look it up wherever you are, I'll try to get a list of certified practitioners in different countries and post it to this blog, so stay tuned!

I feel very strongly that this is what helped me and want all of you to experience the happiness that it gave me as well! Nothing else has been different in my life besides these 4 reiki treatments (except for a surgery I had for a deviated septum, which can't be related) so it had to have been this. I am doing one reiki treatment per month now until my next EEG in a year, will keep you all posted then as well :-)

Feel free to email me at

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