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I am 36yrs old, and have recently experienced my 5th seizure in 11yrs. The 1st was in April, 2001, 2nd was Sept, 2001, then I had almost a 3 1/yr break, and had my 3rd in Jan/Feb, 2005, the 4th was almost exactly 1yr later in Jan, 2006, and the last in Mar, 2012. I have been Tested each time using different EEG techniques (Regular, Sleep Deprived, 8hr, and 24hr), MRI's, CAT scans, and everything is normal.

My Mother, and older Brother both have Multiple Sclerosis, and Diabetes runs in my family(I have been tested for each and those rest have been negative as well). I never had any seizures when I was a child, and had no signs of any type of seizure at all.

The first 2 Seizures were after drinking heavily the night before(I have since stopped drinking), and exercising the next morning. The Third, was while I was VERY,VERY sick. The forth was early in the AM, once again after exercising, and hadn't eaten anything that morning. Which after negative tests led my Dr. to believe that low electrolytes may be the cause, but this last one was not in a situation at all like the other 4, it had been a very normal, relaxing day at home with my family. I have my tests tomorrow, which again consist of a sleep deprived EEG, and MRI. The only thing that has been consistent in all 5 seizures has been my move to Florida, The first happened 3 days after I arrived in the state. I just wanna know whats going on with me...


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 I am like you and want to find answers. I have found some that may help you, as i will not be quick to say like others that everyone is different. Sure our brains are different, but that dies not mean our brains cannot be effected in similar ways. Why do some of us have the same side effects of some seizure drugs ?  It happens right ?  So I say watch very carefully what you eat everyday and how close or far apart after you eat when a seizure happens.

Foods that have MonoSodiumGlutamte aka MSG will have great possibilties of anyone having a seizure of any type. Same goes with other food additives that are like MSG as you can learn what they are on www.truthinlabeling.org  Yeast Extract, Carrageenan, all Gums, Soy & Whey Protein Concentrates & Isolates are just some that act like MSG. Nitrates found in pork and smoked flavored meat & meat by products and things like A&1 sauces can trigger seizures and of course all diet sodas. I have a cousin who went through some bad times before he started having seizures. According to what I have been told he has Aspartame every day as he drinks diet sodas every day. He will not listen to reason so I just quit trying to advise him on how he may be able to improve or stop his seizures as he has had them now for about 5 years since his other troubles started. www.mpwhi.com that site is mainly about Aspartame but it has so many other information that everyone can use.  www.msgtruth.org This one is all on MSG but agin too much information to ignore.       All of our doctors hate the fact these sites are here for us to read. I question that maybe our medicines we take may be the problem where the chemicals from the medicines mixes bad with the chemicals from all the food additves and preservatives, and then betweenn the two drugs and food chemicals that form in our brains our brain explodes like it can do. After all, all doctors believe the FDA is safe and honest that they will not lie to the public. Doctors don't lie either so Who is not telling us the truth as truthinlabeling.org tells the truth as does msgtruth.org  I have proven what I can for 16 months with out having a Grand Mal seizure all due from not eating or drinking the bad foods and drinks that could and would have given me a grand mal seizure or a few or several days of auras aka petit mals. I hope this helps you and you found at least one answer as some others will say I am different from everyone else who has seizures. I had to learn it all on my own because NO doctor every told me in the past 45 years that these food additives are part of the problem. Since 2000, I went to the NIH and I proved it to them there. They basically laughed at me and said a seizure will happen no matter what I may have done to try to make a seizure happen as I ate some food with nitrates when my 1st seizure happened there in front of the VEEG machine. After almost 12 years later, doctors and all others who want to support and help us still deny the facts. Just remember, taking more medicine or trying new medicine are not always the answer til the day we die as they all like to believe. It takes real work and a desire to find out the root causes of the seizure problem we all can have. Even as it has been 16 months for me seizure free, I am never satisfied until I know I can be seizure free no matter what I eat. Then I will be 100% seizure free as I then would want to live to be 100 to live half of my life seizure free.