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Incredible Acupuncture doctor stops all seizures and med. for my daughter who has Infantile Spasm!

Incredible acupuncture doctor who cured over 90% of children who suffered from ephilepsy.  My daughter was diagnozed with infantile spasm since 7 month old.  We did it all and tried all, nothing worked.  We were keeping her on Sabril (with risk of losing vision) at the maximum dosage (3,000mg per day), but still her daily seizures continued. 

 I was referred from a church member to this doctor who is old gentleman who has been practicing since he was five years old from his father, who was the best Herbal medicine doctor in Korea.  It's called Juheng Acupuncture style, which was secret way of medical treatment from ancient Korean dynasty, that was used only for the loyal families.  Dr. Chung is the only successor of the treatment.

He said, seizures are very easy to treat, especially with children.  2 or 3 acupuncture treatment  usually does the work to walk away from the seizures.  Typically he said over 90% of the patients who comes to him completely walked away from seizures, even those people who gave up the hope with hospitals.  When I first heard that i didn't believe it.

First treatment for my daughter made a significant difference, and my wife and I decided to quit the seizure medication, and work with him.  He said being on seizure medications doesn't treat the root problem, and only causes damages to different areas of body like brain, kidney, especially to infant or toddlers, which can cause develpmental delays.  And for those childrent who has been on the med. for years, it's harder to treat, compare to those who were not on the med. 

If you have a child who is suffering from seizures, and tried few medication, and didn't work in the first few weeks, then I will strongly recommend this doctor who has a practice in Torrance, CA.

You can reach me at 714-873-8724 ask for James, I will be very happy to share my testimony.

Or you can contact the doctor directly.

Y.K. Chung Acupuncture

23540 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505



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