How many people have developed epilepsy around or after 2000?

Although many people are born with epilepsy, i cant help but notice a great deal of people (myself included) who developed epilepsy within the past ten years.


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i am thinking it is because so many more people are taking more drugs than ten years ago. drugs themselves will bring on epileptic seizures. i myself am on at least 10 different pills for fibro and copd and inhalers and breathing nevbulizers and oxygen machines. i have these seizures which we are just now trying to figure out where they are coming from, but they really didnt start till i got on all these meds, however, while i was in the hospital and taking them i didnt have any seizures. not till i got home. can it be the way i take them or at the time of day or what we dont know. but we are trying to find out, my mri and eeg both came up neg. but i have the bruises from when i blacked out and fell.

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I was told at one piont by my Neurologist that " Epilepsy is similar to Cancer cells in that, even though you may be born with Epilepsy in your geans, it sometimes takes a random, or injury of some sort to trigger the seizures to occur and possibly on a regular basis." Wether there is fact to this or not, I don't know but, my dad did'nt have any seizures until he was in high school. He was playing football, fell and hit his head, and seized. The seizures continued, and inevidably he was diagnosed with Epilepsy.

How many people have developed epilepsy around or after 2000?

Every 3rd or 4th month since 2002 ... Previous to having these fits the only medicine i was on was an inhaler i grew out of in approx 2000

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I developed it after i was diagnosed with a cyst on my brain in 2008.

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I had my first seizure in 2001.  I wonder how many people there are that were diagnosed in the last 10 years.  interesting question.

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I was diagnosed in 2004 of which I only had 2 grand mals.  And then nothing until last weekend where I found myself unable to carry a conversation and couldn't remember the entire day the following days.  I'm pissed!  7 freakin years with no seizures!  I wondered if I really even had it! I would love to find out something provoked it that I can change!  ANyone else pissed???

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I'm a 35 year old mum of 3 (ages 14, 13 & 5) from the UK. I had 3 seizures, 6 months apart at the age of 6. Doctor said they were triggered by rapid growth. I was seizure free then until August '97, age 21, when I experienced my first grand mal whilst breast feeding my my eldest son who was 3 days old. I have then gone on to have sporadic seizures, roughly 1 or 2 a year, either whilst pregnant or shortly after. Stress, hormonal changes and extremes of anything are also triggers i.e. tiredness, worry, alcohol or hunger. I have recently stopped taking the contraceptive pill and the seizures have unfortunately increased. I am having what I call 'flicks', absenses, mood swings and inability to think straight or concentrate immediately before a seizure. I'm pissed because although many sufferers would consider me 'lucky' to only experience a few, widely spaced apart seizures, the fact that I just have no idea or warning that I'm going to have one is a pain. Ungrateful, I know but if I'm going to have epilepsy, please let it be a little predictable lol! So yeah, pissed! Jo x

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Sad part about that is, you could have been having seizures those entire 7 years and just not know it. My first EEG showed two seizures and they were only a second long.

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I already know that this topic thread is an old one because it's going to be turning 13 months old tomorrow, so I'm sure the individual who created this topic thread rarely visits this community forum, if they visit it all.

For the past few years the guesstimated number of people who have epilepsy worldwide might be somewhere between 50,000,000 to 60,000,000 people. And with the medical assumptions of that guesstimated number increasing year by year, I'm going to say that the guesstimated number of people who have developed epilepsy back around or after the year 2000, would logically have to be somewhere below 50,000,000 to 60,000,000 people worldwide.

But let's say if someone came up with a ballpark figure as being, oh let me pick a number of about 142,051 people worldwide. With how much doctors love to focus their attention on "statistical numbers", how long do you suppose it would take them to come up with the exact number for however many people who developed epilepsy around or after the year 2000? How much money do you suppose it would take in order to have a company come up with that number? Above or below $1 million? For whatever the answers would be to these questions, would there be anything useful or positively beneficial at finding out the answer for how many people developed epilepsy around or after the year 2000? 

There is just too much negativity at getting beneficial and up-to-date information about seizures and epilepsy to people's attention. Easy example, the next time you go in to visit a neurologist, look around the waiting room to see if there are any handouts, leaflets, pamphlets, or anything that you or anyone else can look at, which pertains to seizures and/or epilepsy. If you are unable to locate any information in the waiting room, then ask any medical staff member if they have any information pertaining to seizures and/or epilepsy that you can take home with you. If they do have information, but the information is not in plain sight, then ask the medical staff member why the information is not displayed in plain sight for everyone to see?

Bruce (I'm not a doctor, but instead, an epilepsy support group leader, epilepsy advocate, who has epilepsy.)

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I agree with him though, and you probably do, as you also took notice of the increasing number of patients with epilepsy. Maybe you can help me answer this question: I have been looking for an orgainzation that supports epilepsy- perhaps does awareness or fundraising. (etc) I hear a lot about walks for cancer and stuff like that but I rarely  hear of anyone doing an event for Epilepsy. Those walks are great but it irks me not to see anything done about Epilepsy especially because of how prevalent it is. Do you think you can help?

GMO causing a spike in the number of people with epilepsy?

I haven't seen anything about increased numbers in the past 10 years...but if there is an increase, could it be due to the development of genetically modified food? (GMO)  The timeline would make sense.  I've seen some interesting articles on the risks of genetically altered corn, including increased seizure activity.

I noticed my son has more seizures on days that he had cereal for breakfast...not sure about a possible link, but I know that they use GMO a lot in cereal.

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I had a few back in 1989...... then not again until sept 2010, then once again in oct 2012..... my dad has MS and was diagnosed in 1998 and his youngest brother died of lou gerigs disease about 6 months ago

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There have been more studies about epilepsy in this time and this may be why people are seeing greater numbers. It's in the press more. The Centers for Disease Control has started tracking people with self-reported epilepsy. And, there are greater numbers of people who are older and developing epilepsy, from causes such as strokes, tumors, infections, and other age-related problems. So far, I don't believe there has been an increase in childhood onset epilepsy.

I would encourage people to read the Institute of Medicine report for more information about this. One of the best numbers in this report estimates that 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy over a lifetime.

Hope this helps!

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