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Changing brains

Hello fellow epileptics!

I am here to share my amazing story with all of u and am also in search for
anyone who might have a similar experience. I am a 22 yr old woman living
in Portland OR. I had my first grand mal, complex partial at age 11 in church
and many after a while awake and at school. When I was 14 I began smoking
cannabis and my seizures changed from lasting up to 4 hours to only 3-4
minutes. I've been on tegratol from the get go and have lowered my dose on
my own accord from 600mg daily to less than 100mg. Like most ppl my
Seizures are an onset of lack of sleep or overwhelming stress. Just last week
I had a seizure durring sleep then another later that day after getting up to
use the restroom... My legs gave out from under me n I fell to the ground. This
was the first time in years that I was awake n up before seizing.

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