People often put all epileptics into one single category. That category
includes having a high frequency of seizures, not being able to hold a
full time job, not being able to drive, having to work in a safe
environment, and the list goes on. The bottom line of that ideology
shares many of the same traits of other discriminating ideologies such
as sex discrimination. Epilepsy discrimination and sex discrimination
both put all people, with one trait in common, into a category which
underestimates everyone in the group. It doesn’t give everyone a fair

During the past century the world has increasingly
opened its doors to women and, because of awareness brought to the issue of sex discrimination, more women are accepted for more
opportunities than ever before. There are similar scenarios for men
also. The window of opportunity hasn’t opened up to the same extent for
epileptics though. Epileptics are still commonly denied employment
opportunities, given the shaft for intellectual respect, and the list
goes on. It’s about time for the world to realize epileptics are people

Do you believe that many people discriminate against
epileptics? If so, why do you believe that is? Have you seen or felt
that discrimination before? Can you think of any ways to end the


Re: Discrimination

Growing up I had many teachers Discriminate agianst me. One had me removed from her class but my mom did not have the money and epilepsy was still kind of hush then.   Kinds at school would beat me up while having a seizure and then the teachers would turn other cheek in jr high my mom and step dad moved because of it.  As far as work I had school program i was in the department I worked in the boss there wanted me on  she fought to get me on the company didn't want to hire me.  Where I live now I went for my 2nd interview on job which i knew i had and was time for insurance questions then really quick the women said the job was filled.  Even people do not want to be around because they think they have to take care me being i have eplepsy. Only 2 things I can not do Drink  and I can not drive.  My doctor fights for me he very caring. I think it isnt fair insurances are allowed to discriminate due to pre existing clause . It isnt like we asked for the epilepsy.

Re: Discrimination

I was recently fired when not in my job description I was scheduled to work overnight.  I told Human Resources about my epilepsy, but not my supervisor.  I know I didn't have to.  When I did have to, everything went downhill.  I was wrote up for everything until I was fired.



Re: Discrimination

My son, who is three, has already been discriminated against by his first daycare provider.  All was fine until he had a seizure under her watch.  I think the reality of the situation and that fact that he needs constant supervision scared her away.  I am glad it happened though because now he is in a much better daycare and is getting the supervision he needs.  Plus they are teaching all the other children not to discriminate against him.  I do worry though about what life will bring him. 


I think part of it is fear and ignorance.

Re: Discrimination

 I work in the IT industry=Information Technology. I get discriminated because I'm a woman, and I'm epileptic. I no longer work for this company, but it has me worried, will I ever work again?