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I am scheduled for a VEEG on Thursday morning to ??? My seizures have been well controlled and I am very afraid I am going to go in there and sit for 6 days and nothing will happen. I am going to call my doc tomorrow but he probably won't call me back. I guess I am just nervous, but I really cannot afford to miss all the work. I told my job I would be gone possibly from this Thurs to next Tues, six days total.

What is the clinical benefit to the VEEG? I know it can help map things out if you are considering brain surgery, but right now I'm not. I guess its a good thing to have done but I am like 70% sure I am not going to have a seizure. I am going to try to talk to a doc on Thurs. when I first go in, because I am just not seeing the point of going thru this HUGE disruption in my life.


I was only in the hospital for 4 days for my VEEG.  I didnt think I would ever have a seizure in there!  But they provoke them as much as possible.  It is not only for finding out if you are a candidate for surgery, but it also tells them where the seizures start at.  I went for 12 years without having a VEEG.  When I finally found a new doctor, thats the first thing he wanted to do, because he looked through my file and saw that I didnt have one.  It told him a lot more about my seizures then. 

Hi amyolive~ I have had 2 VEEG's.One for 6 days the other for 4 days. The VEEG shows the actual seizure and it is also taking a video of you also while having one. It is not just for surgery. It tells them what type of seizure your having,the time of day your having it,your memory when the nurse asks you questions. Alot of times it is done to see if meds are working or if they need to be changed. If your not having one they may provoke one.or try to by sleep depriving you also take your meds away. Just bring plenty of things to do while laying in bed. Books,crossword puzzles etc. I would be sure that the doctor knows that your seizures are well controlled. I wish you only the best. Good luck and God bless you

*Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.I do not give to you as the world gives.Do not let your hearts be troubled,and do not let them be afraid.* ~John 14:27

Back from the VEEG.  It was not too bad, but I was VERY glad to take a nice long shower.  I was worried about nothing, I had two seizures and I think they got some good info.  Hopefully won't have to do it again soon though!

Hi Amyolive. I'm glad all went well with you v-eeg. I'm also scheduled to go for one this next monday. I was wondering about a couple things though...1. How do they let people "shower, or clean themselves," when they have a v-eeg? And did they take away your medications that your on, "right away" on the first day? Or do they "gradually" ween you off them? Thanks. Sincerely, Randy

I have been following this thread but I am new as of a couple of months to this site.  I live overseas in the Middle East and although I have had epilepsy since I was 12 (I am now 55), I was first diagnosed with G/M and then after 24 years I found a neuro who told me it was Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy.  I was switched to valproate and for 14 years was basically controlled - I have had only 2 G/Ms since then and a couple of jerks every couple of months, so basically well-controlled.

Over the past 6 months my JME has gotten incredibly worse - and my new neuro (I switched countries a few years back) - upped by Valproate, and then added Keppra and then Clonazepam all since Oct 08.  And it is still not under control.  I had so many jerks some nights - upwards of 40 - that when I texted my neuro less than a week ago (she happens to be out of town at the moment on an emergency) she told me to see her colleague.  I did and he upped my Clonazepam and said I needed a new EEG plus a VEEG.  

I'll be having the regular EEG here on Monday, but then I'll have to come back to the US for a VEEG, since there are no VEEGs in this country. I have never had a VEEG and am rather scared about it all. (I don't have a neuro in the US since I have lived overseas so long.)  Since I'm not controlled it is making me work at much less capacity then I am capable of - plus all these meds don't help.  (I'm a middle school math teacher.)

I guess I'm writing for a little hand-holding because it's one thing to take a week out of work, and another to have to pack up and leave your familiar home and go back to a part of the States I don't know well at all, and then hear how many people go through the process and "they don't perform".  Personally I don't see how I won't perform as I am having jerks on a daily basis, but just to say, that I am glad there is a community out there who has gone through this before and I can write to.

Also, what's the normal length of time it takes to get admitted into one of these places.  I am so exhausted, that if I'm going to go through it, I want it done soon.

Any advise would be warmly appreciated?  And btw, do they allow you to bring your computer into the EMUs?  I can't imagine not being in skype contact with my friends back here.



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