Should I see a Neurologist?

Hello everyone. I suspect I may be having seizures, but I'm unsure and thought this would be a good place to ask if my symptoms sound epileptic. Normally I would just go to a doctor to check, but I'm already in bad health and don't want to waste my time with another doctor I didn't need to see.

when I was 13, I had some symptoms that seemed neurological, so I had them checked. My test results were apparently borderline, but the doctor wasn't concerned enough to check them again.

Now I'm almost 20 and I heavily suspect I have something neurological going on, and I'm mad because it's messing up my academic life.

I have a lot of weird symptoms at night. I know it's normal to have weird sensations when we're falling asleep, but mine are getting really weird.

Several times in the past few months, I've woken up between 3~5am and just felt really strange. A couple times, the thing that seems to wake me up is the sensation of my face being completely numb. I feel really weird but I try to go back asleep. My eyes are closed but I see tiny squares of color, and the colors just keep dividing and dividing. At this point, I definitely decide something wrong, I stumble out of bed and into my bathroom, i look into the mirror to see my face but it's blocked out by the squares dividing. It's like my peripheral vision is fine but where my eyes are focusing is blind. At this point, my body started getting weak, so I started grabbing onto things to keep my balance, its like my hands are everywhere. I made it to my mom's room a few feet away but my legs are like giving out and I fall over and just lay there for a minute. I'm conscious, I start to feel like I can get up again. I pull myself up on her bed and try to tell her whats going on, but I can't get my words out, they're all slurred. After that I remember not being able to stop looking upward.

That above has happened a few times, but also when I'm trying to get to sleep I have similar sensations to the ones above. I have had bad reactions to medication before that have caused me to have auditory hallucinations in my sleep, the sounds of pots and pans banging. Now when I try to sleep, I sometimes hear a loud clap right in my ear that wakes me up, or the sensation that I'm stepping on crunchy snow. I sleep with earplugs specifically because any noises startle me, so I know it's not real.

I forgot to mention that in these sleep states, I get the sensation that I'm floating, like vertigo or something.

I'm pretty sure that example above is a seizure, but I'm unsure about this one. Today I was attending a lecture with my sister. When we met before we went in a started to get a dull headache I attributed to allergies. About 30 minutes into the lecture, the headache worsened and I startes getting nauseous, I couldn't keep my eyes open and started blinking. I started to get the vertigo feeling. This blinking got so bad that it just turned into my eyelids fluttering uninterrupted for around 2 minutes. I shook it off and blinked my eyes a few more times, but I continued to feel sick and keep my eyes closed for the next 2 hours. I know that eyes fluttering is a symptom of a seizure, but I've looked up videos since I got home and they show the fluttering to be spaced. Can the fluttering be uninterrupted or is it only spaced?

I would also like to mention several things I've just accepted as normal for me, but since I've been looking into epilepsy I feel I might as well mention:

Much of the time my vision field has like a rainbow haze. The best way I can describe it is like static on a TV screen out of focus.

I'm always going blank, and it's been extremely hard for me to do well in school or write papers because I just zone out, not thinking about anything. When I'm like this, I just stare. I'm seeing but there's no thinking going on or anything, but that's probably just me being dumb. Sometimes I feel like I go on autopilot. i'll being doing something, and I tune out of my inner thoughts and when I tune back in its like wait, what? Kind of hard to explain

I've had this twitch thing I developed when I was around 12, it's like a get a chill or something and my arm just gets thrown into a movement out of nowhere, and it's always the same movement.

I have severe migraines but I've always attributed them to my hormonal imbalances.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I've been really worried about what will happen with my future because of my health. I already have a lot of health issues, but no one has been able to really help me feel normal. I've been to so many doctors and gotten my hopes up so many times that I really don't want to go through it again. I actually really hope that my symptoms sound accurate so I can finally find out what's wrong with me.