Seizures and Fatigue

I am  almost at the end of the 1st 72- hour EEG. I don't know how much the EEG will tell them, but I have learned quite a bit about my seizures and fatigue. On Tuesday after the apparatus was attached to my head, I waited for the scheduled non-emergency transit van that would take me home. I was already exhausted. After two hours of waiting I began seizing. My aide pushed the button to record the activity and charted what was happening. Within an hour I had had six seizures. She began to look for alternative transit to get me home, something that could accomodate my power wheel chair. She located my partner who came to the hospital. They decided that the number of seizures and my incoherency required that I go to the ER. Six hours later I was released. On Wednesday I thought that I could mange school. I was wrong. Within three hours of classes I was struggling to stay awake. Once home I slept for seven hours. I woke briefly and slept for another eleven hours. I know that the fatigue is a main issues with my MS. I am seeing that being fatigued leaved me prone to seizures.I am praying that the doctor will take off the wires tomorrow. If not I have to wear them for another 72-hours. If these tests still don't answer their questions then I will be spending a week in an observation unit in Emory University.


RE: Seizures and Fatigue

Howdy,  Lee here.  Fatigue has always played a part in the quality of life for me.  If I am tired I am more inclined to experience odd sensations and wild mood swings even though my AEDs are on track and my blood levels are good.  The thing is that my sleep/rest needs are not consistant.  One week I could sleep long hours (10 to 12 or more with an afternoon nap of 1 hour) and still feel the need for more.  Other weeks I am awake half the night, alert all day and only seem to get about 6 hours of sleep each day because that is all my body will do.  This makes it really tough to be consistant myself!I've been paying real close attention to my diet, level of activity, types of mental stimulation and other things.  Haven't discovered a clue as to why my sleep needs seem to be so inconsistant.....Maybe I could have 30 years ago when I was younger and indestructable.  I do work and also run a small business.  I keep a home and we have several acres that need cared for......I am no couch potato!  I just know that I seem to function better during my "less" sleep periods - as long as I don't get fatigued by over exerting myself or trying to do more then I am physically capable of.  After a day of that kind of behavior I do sleep very well - but no longer.  While feeling fatigued I also feel that me and my life are out of balance and that is when I notice the odd sensations and experience the mood swings.  As I write this I think I am beginning to notice that it may be the quality of my sleep and not it's duration that seems to be most important.  Maybe 6 hours of good sleep is better then 12 hours that may not be as sound?  I don't know the depth of my sleep state unless it is interrupted.  I also don't know why some weeks are "short" sleep weeks and others are "long" sleep weeks - maybe that is some of that age or hormone related stuff.Thanks for bringing this up.  It is one more issue to take note of and bring up when I have my re-evaluation.  Wishing you well.....................Lee

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Thanks Lee,I am still trying to  find my way out of this quagmire. The wires came off yesterday. I am glad that I took the doctor's advice and shaved my head. The superglue type adhesive is a bear to get out of the stubble that remained. I can only grimance when trying to imagine getting out of hair that was longer. To prove that I cannot win for loosing, I managed to sustain a concussion just two hours before the wires were to come off. I had a chemsitry test before the appointment in the EEG Clinic so I went to it. While trying to unload my electric wheelchair from the van it slipped off the ramps and knocked me out cold in the parking lot. Both my partner and aide were standing there and didn't realize what was happening until everything stopped falling.  The blow to the head pulled several electrodes loose. The technician said that I may have to repeat the test. :-(Today all I want to do is sleep. I have been cleaning sporadically, trying to catch up on the things I was unable to do while wired. I know I am not tired, and hope this is not depression setting in once again. One the plus side the sun is out here and it is not raining.Jes

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Hi Lee and Jess,

 I have had seizures for 32 years and struggle with them right around my menstrual cycle.  I find that I am chronically tired.  I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and will read but even if I sleep through the night I am tired right after my coffee wears off in the morning.  I take Topomax and Dilantin, both of which will make me tired but wow...... all the time?  It's getting in the way of my activity level, I am just totally unmotivated and want to sleep all the time.  Any suggestions?