Right side numbness and slurred speech -- not stroke


As the subject line states I suffer from constant right sided numbness/sensory loss since August 2010. I also suffer from severe cramps about once a week. The problems started with a cramp like pain in my lower back, so investigation started with an X-ray of my hips and lumbar spine. When my right leg went numb and slightly weaker, they went on with an MRI (no contrast) of my lumbar spine. No findings what so ever. I was referred to a rheumathologist who couldn't find anything. No ANA markers, no nothing. The problems then proceded with severe right sided headaches. I've been to the ER several times and have had two CT scans of my brain done, both with contrast and the I was given an all clear. I've also had 3 lumbar punctures done which all came back clear. I've been admitted to a stroke unit after the right side of my face started drooping. All tests came back clear (CT and lumbar puncture). Shortly after that I had an episode with sudden deafness, only right ear affected. Some of my hearing is still gone, 3 months later and I now have tinnitus in my right ear (only ever had a slight tinnitus in my left ear before). My GP has always stated that she thinks my speech is forced and somewhat slurred, but during my ten day cortisone course (following the sudden deafness) my speech got a lot clearer. It has since become worse again. Another doctor thought that it might be migraine and I got a prescription of Maxalt (rizatriptan beonzoate) which only made my headache completely unbearable. I have daily muscle twitches, completely unrelated to stressful situations and other external influences.

All of the symptoms have been about the same since august 2010 and include:

numbness/tingling/pin prick sensation

sensory loss including loss of sensation from internal organs (don't ask how I know this heh) and all of the skin on my right side, lost sense of warm water

headaches almost every day

muscle twitches

strange sensation of excitement

falling sensation

visual disturbances in the form of blue and silvery dots, oil like shapes that seem to float on the surface of the eye

sudden onset of vertigo not related to postural changes

And it all comes from the right side of my body.

I have also noticed that the arch of my right foot is raised but without any twitches or muscular contractions.

 I have been to the internet's end and back, googling to my wits end...has anyone ever heard of someone with the same type of symptoms or just a subset of these symptoms?

I have been to a couple of neurologists, they have all said that there is not a single syndrome/disease/condition that would give these symptoms. I have never had an EEG, electroneurography or such.