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results from my video EEG monitoring, please read

it was originally supposed to be 5 days, monday through friday but i got out early, on thursday's the thing...they did capture a few staring spells. And from what I was told when I was discharged, what they found going on in my brain in the EEG was very rare. They don't think they are actually seizures, although a nurse witnessed me having one on the video feed and came in from the nurses's station and was asking me if i was ok..i was delirious. They are confused, I didn't have any spells until late tuesday night/ early wednesday morning, because on tuesday my neuro ordered sleep deprivation. They don't think they are seizures but they cannot rule it out. But as of right now, they haven't a clue what the problem is. they just know that what was going on was "rare." i see my neuro again in 2 weeks and they are going to be reviewing every inch of it to try and see what's going on and will let me know if they come up something in those 2 weeks. the residents that came in with about 3 of the neurologists when they announced this to me, well they all seemed confused. one of the neurologists thought they were probably seizures, the other wasn't so sure. and not knowing is eating a way at me. i'm pretty depressed right now. i'm naturally worried. if anyone has had similar experiences, let me know what happened and what the diagnosis was.


Let's see.  My VEEG lasted 9 days rather than the 5 it should have.   I threw 2 kinds of seizures that they never even suspected.They were after the Simple and Complex Partial seizures.I had several Absences--induced during the hyperventilation part of the EEG they gave in- unit.  I had 3 Complex Partials, 2 Simple Partials, and one massive Myoclonic seizure.  They pulled me off all of my meds, and changed two of them to Depakote, and now I take 1250 mgs of that along with 3600 mgs, the max, of Neurontin.If there was any funny looking electircal activity on there at all that matched the staring, then more than likely it was a seizure.  There can be rare seizures and unusual electrical activity.If it didn't, then they will look for something else that caused it.I don't know how many, or IF you even had an EEG before being admitted to the EMU.I had 4 of the, and ALL of them were abnormal.They have diagnosed me with Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Syndrome, Juvenile Absence Epilepsy, and Myoclonic seizures.The MTLES is a result of an Aquired Brain Injury and other insults like infections, and concussions and child abuse.  The JAE is genetic, and related to JME.The Myoclonic seizures I was born with because of what my birth mother did while she carried me--drank, smoked cigarettes like a smoke house, did pot, did narcotic painkillers, and smoked cocaine.  I was born in withdrawal.Thank god I was given up for adoption, and now live in a loving, caring household with just me and my mom.My parents got divorced, because my dad thought it would be cute to cheat, drink (alcoholic), be abusive etc.Good luck and keep me posted please.  I used to work in an EMU, and was an EMT until my seizures got too out of control.Nancy 

"what they found going on in my brain in the EEG was very rare"  Rare - in what way ??  Did they give you any specifics on this "rare" event?  I don't think it's right that they left you "hanging" without a diagnosis or treatment plan, I am sure you are feeling worried, anxious, stressed etc, about all this. 

nah..i don't get any specifics. The neurologists themselves didn't really know what to make of it. they had a hard time describing what they found themselves. but they were relying on the word of the neurologist that had been viewing the EEG. They weren't exactly sure what this doc that had viewed it was trying to say. Worried, anxious, stressed, those words would describe how I feel right now. And confused.Also, mexicanfire mentioned something about MTLES, and it developing from head injuries and abuse and such. I've had a few injuries to my head in my life, one of them in july that put me out for 16 hours, and I was abused very badly as a kid.  As far as previous EEG's is concerned, I have had 2. One was a normal run of the mill EEG that was taken in the hospital a few hours after I had my grand mal in July, and it was abnormal in 2 parts of my brain. they told me at the hospital which parts they were but i can't remember the exact names. The other one was in October, a one hour sleep deprived EEG, that was completely normal. The EEG clinic and my neurologist both read it. it was fine.It's funny how when I had the last sleep deprived EEG, nothing abnormal showed up. And when they sleep deprived me this time, BINGO. Really shows the subjectivity of this stuff...

Hello, i just want to tell you that i have a four year old that has staring, do you know if you pick at things like your nails or lips while you are doing this.  My four year old started having focal seizures in Oct.  they did two MRI's and 4EEG's and 2 EMU's (this all happened in about a 5 week period)  the Dr. told me that she had a tumor on the right front tempal, they did surgery on Dec. 29.   They said that the surgery went really good and they got it all, they had to remove the hole right front tempral lobe.  she now has a metal plate in her head.  They sent the tissues out fro a biopsy only because its is standard procedure.  About three weeks later(with no focal seizures since her surgery)  the Dr. called back into the office and told me that she has something called Rasmussen Encephalitis, and that she has 2 years to live.  Now all she does is the Staring seizures and is on 1000mg of Depakote.  They are thinkling of removing the whole right side of her brain.  About 1 in a million get it.  Before the surgery she was having about 200 seizures a day.  Sorry i didn't mean to ramble on about this it has just been very HARD.  Good lick with you and i am really courious if you pick while you are staring.  Her Dr. said it goes together.

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