Recent VEEG testing

I returned home the other day from three days of VEEG (video eeg) monitoring.  Having done this several times in the past, with no success, I finally had great results.  I am writing this to stress the need for good neurologists.  My former neuro would send me in for a few days, not lowering my meds and keeping me in a calm, sterile environment.  About three months ago, being unhappy with the treatment I was receiving,, I switched to a dr. I found that was actually an epileptologist.  He will not outright come out and say that I was receiving bad care, but his facial expressions tell me this.  He put me in for the video eeg tests, lowering my meds the days before I went in and denying me of my meds while the testing was going on.  They recorded approx. 40 events that meet the criteria for seizures (including 2 very active and violent ones) and believe I had up to 60.  In the past, no seizures were able to be recorded, so this session, although it took a lot out of me, was very successful.  If anyone out there is not having success with their drs., I highly recommend seeking out different help, especially from drs. that are progressive and aggressive in your care.