Please help with SCIO (Quantum Energy) diagnosis and Miracle promised...

We took my son (5), to a neuro therapyst who uses the SCIO machine. It uses bio energy to diagnose thousands of problems in the body. It can heal as well. The machine diagnosed my son with epilepsy due to chromosome 6 abnormalities. Precisely what the pediatric neurologist said (he has Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, which research has shown is a genetic problem on chromosome nr 6!). It's amazing. The machine diagnosed every problem that any one of our family had (spastic colon, reflux, endometrioses, allergies), so I tend to trust it on the diagnoses. It's really amazing, it even tells you all the food and other allergies or sensitivities you may have. Also what shortages in vitamines or minerals.

My problem is this: The doctor said he can help my son. Not cure him, since it's a genetic abnormality. But he can stop his seizures with 3 hour-long treatments (non-invasive - only energy waves sent through your body). It won't be permanent, but he should be seizure free for about a year every time. Then he just needs another shot of help from the machine, and so forth. Doesn't this sounds WAY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE???

But, how can we NOT try it? Problem is, this doctor said he won't need his medicine anymore, so we can just as well take him off it! After months and months of suffering to get Nian onto the required dossage, this guy wants me to wean him and take a chance on his machine!!! And what do I tell his neurologist???? Who will need to put him back on the meds if this thing fails...!!!

This guy said he studied in the USA, and worked with Nasa on the research and usuage of the machine. Now, I want to now if anyone else have been diagnosed with this machine, and what your opinions are? Please, please, help us with any information you may have. I think there maybe different versions of the machine, some is more limited than others.

It seems so good. It treated my daughter's enzema, which she had for about a month now on her face. The first day, it started to dry up, second day it was half it's original size. Third day it was nearly gone!!! And that was only after 1 treatment! So it was visible change for the better. But to let them mess with the alignment of my son's brain energy, I'm SO scared!

So please, if anyone has any knowledge of this machine, and why it's not in MAJOR usuage by Epileptologists, let me know. I know it's new, and they're starting to outroll it to the public, but still...

Thank you,
Essie (mom to Nian)


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SCIO is a health device that works via computer. (Next year the new upgraded version will be called INDIGO). It was designed as a biofeedback system. The concept behind the machine is that the cells in our bodies operate at certain frequencies and that they network together to keep our bodies in harmony. We actively interact with frequencies all the time. For example sound and colour have frequencies and we experience changes in our moods, emotions and in our physical body as different frequencies push against us. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites all have resonant frequencies.

It is an advanced technology that scans your body like a virus-scan on a computer. Then it proceeds to stimulate and re-educate the cells to work at healthy frequencies. Healing can begin to take place.

Although it seems like a 'cure all' device, I cannot stress enough: It does not diagnose and it does not take the place of your medical practitioner. Unless the medical doctor has a SCIO machine the therapist has no authority to stop the medication. SCIO is an awesome way of improving you health and wellbeing.

Even an Epilepsy patient on medication will not be harmed by having SCIO sessions as well, as long as they work together with the Doctor to adjust the medication when it is needed. By looking at the factors in your body that may have caused your dis-ease, you can only help to speed up the healing.

That is putting it in a nutshell, and I hope this dispels all fears about this device which I am passionate about. I have been working with it for five years and I am still amazed by the results, and it has never harmed anybody that I have known.

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SCIO Therapy!! Just coming across your post today. I, too, have come across SCIO in my desperate search to find out WHY my daughter (3.5) has seizures. Like you, I am reluctant to persue this, even though I am VERY curious about it. Unfortunately, if it is not Medical Science, it is not generally accepted by our physicians. Also, when it is alternative, we want to "believe" in it but are skeptical too. I do believe in miracles, but not magic. I also think that alternative therapies for whatever the ailment might be are under-acknowledged. There is still so much medical science doesn't know!! It all boils down to, who has the guts to trust what we know so little about. If you did persue SCIO, I would love to hear more about it.


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Hi Emvie,

Thank you for answering me about the Scio! You're saying it exactly like I feel. I want to believe, but I'm skeptical. I believe in miracles, but not magic, etc.

Because we couldn't find out more, we decided it's just too new to trust with our son. He's only five. So we decided to ask the neurologist about it when we see him next week, but we're not going to pursue this for now. We will remember about it, when my son has to change meds for whatever reason in the future. But we don't want to go through the lamictal rollercoaster of getting him off the meds and on again. It was a really tough 3 months to get him to the effective dossage, and now his side effects have stabalised. We don't want to mess with that, for now.

If you hear anything more about the Scio therapy, or decide to try it for your daughter, would you please let me know? I too, will report back if we find anything more. What I can say for now, is that my husband decided to give it a try for himself. He's a headache sufferer (his neurologist failed to help him), getting one about 3-4 times every week. He had 2 sessions so far, and in the past 5 weeks, he had about 5 headachs in total. Something do seem to work...

Good luck to you and your daughter!

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Hi Essie,
Unfortunately I have not heard of this procedure. I am only on Week 2 of this whole thing. I noticed you mentioned Lamictal and getting your son stabilized from side effects. This is the same drug my son is being eased onto right now. Could you please tell me some of the side effects and reactions you have experienced?

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Hi there again!

My son had just about the whole range of side effects. First, the headaches started. Usually short-lived, intense, and in the evenings. Then he started getting tired. He would just suddenly sit down and say he is so very tired. He would not participate in activities he loved at school (he's in play-school), because he's too tired. After a few weeks, he got the rash. It got worse for 2 days, then it got better and dissapeared completely. He easily bruised, and his legs sometimes looked like a war-field. He got bruises on his back, arms, legs, hands, feet, buttocks! For no apparent reason.

Then the worst of it all... the emotional rollercoaster. He got angry for nothing, aggresive towards his sister (which he never used to be!), and cried. He usually cried about once a week. He really isn't a cry-baby. But since the meds, he started crying a couple of times a day. Sometimes for something "real", like me scolding him. But usually for "nothing". Like a playmate bumping against him in school. Or because I told him to finish his food. Or because he wanted the green chocolate and not the blue one. Or because I didn't pour him cooldrink immediately, etc. It was BAD. I never knew when I should be strict, so that he doens't learn crying for no reason solves his problems, or when I should embrace him because it's the meds. I tried to teach him that it's the meds, but he's still so small, and started saying everything was the meds fault (even if he had a mosquito bite, etc.).

He also first got more seizures, before it got better. Oh yes, and the nauseasness. The pills made him quesy in the beginning. Fortunately never enough for him to throw up. He did get alot of diarree as well from the meds (he's usually constipated, so it was strange for his body).

He also started being forgetfull. Sometimes he couldn't complete tasks I gave him to do, because he forgot what it was he should do. Things he remembered about his past or his toys or his sister, faded. So I believe he also had memory loss. I don't know if it's the seizures or the meds.

Other side effects included dry mouth, dizzyness, musslepain, etc. But these weren't bad at all. Just a nuisance every now and then.

But, as you can read in my blog, everything is so much better now. All the side effects had lessened. Some is still there, like the crying and aggresiveness, but it's so much less, that we can handle it. It's nearly not an issue anymore. He's still sometimes extremely tired, but it usually just hit him in the afternoon and evenings (we give the meds in the morning), which is fine. He just have a lay down then.

I hope your son will be fine too on lamictal. It still seem like one of the easier meds on the market. What's your son's name? Good luck with the weeks of getting him to the full dossage. I hope you take it slowly, it seems to minimise the side-effects and risks.

Take care,

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My family and I have benefited greatly from the use of these bio-energetic approaches.  I have several personal testimonies about how they have helped us, where the traditional approach entirely missed the root cause and would only treat the symptoms superficially.   Of couse it is your choice, but if I were in your shoes, I would try anything reasonable that may help - even though it does not fit into our paradigm of what is currently used.  But I also recommend that you check into the devices, the history and the character and successes of the practicioner.   Do not just jump into it blindly.  On the internet you can find the good, the bad and the ugly.  It takes a little time to research, but it is worth the peace of mind that you get with making informed decisions.

The EPFX/SCIO is a radically different way to approah health.  They are used widely now in Europe and Canada.  The original design was from a NASA engineer who took the thought about how they collect telemetry on the astronauts to determine basic body functions and the state of heath.  He developed the concepts from this and the polygraph type of body interface.  They are now on the 5th generation of this machine.  I agree that it sounds like weird science.  But it is only weird, because it is outside the realm of what is accepted in allopathic  medicine.    In the US the pharmecetical dominated approach to medicine does not accept energetic medicine (just like they do not accept naturopathy or chiropractic, etc.). And has done their best (or worst) to prevent these bio-energetic machines from being used to their full potential.  The persecution was so severe that the inventor of these machines moved to Europe.  But in Europe it was a different story.  The Government of Hungary is actually funding reseach and development and subsidising production of the SCIO.  Europe and other countries have a very different attitude towards what is new and what may work in medicine.  They are not against homeopathy, naturopathy or bio-energetic devices.  The look at health as whatever works and is not deadly can be used in conjuction with the pharmaceticals and surgical approaches. 

Here is an excerpt from one web page that offers some understanding.  The technical terms might be a foreign language, but it offers some explaination of the devices and how they can be used to benefit health:


A new era of holistic healing has arrived.  Today, instead of looking at the human body as a biological machine, quantum science has discovered it is a vast energetic network, where Body, Mind and Spirit intersect. Now a dynamic tool called EPFX (in Europe), and SCIO (in the USA) is available to analyze, balance and view your energetic body and mind with computer controlled, cybernetic biofeedback equipment.  Quantum biofeedback technology is a powerful and fascinating dimension of quantum science and nothing champions this arena like the EPFX and SCIO devices.  For more information on how it works, click the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT buttons.

 The Weird, Wacky & Wonderful Quantum World

Without a doubt the most mysterious and futuristic feature of the EPFX and SCIO devices is Quantum Therapy (Subspace). With QT, the EPFX and SCIO work as accurately as if the person is attached to the device... yet they may be thousands of miles away. Kind of spooky sounding isn't it? Well welcome to the weird, wacky and wonderful world of the Quantum Field and although I don't fully understand how it works, it has proven to me and thousands of other people just like you that it does work. In fact, 90% of all my clients choose to have their sessions with me in “Subspace” rather than drive to my office.  It’s a dramatic, innovative and easy way to make marked changes.

International speaker and writer Dr. Wayne Dyer was the first person to introduce me to the technology and he suggested reading a book entitled "The Sanctuary" which explains the Quantum theory in simple terms. Deepak Chopra, MD and acclaimed international speaker also elaborates on the Quantum Field in a many of his books. Perhaps his explanation will help you to understand how this technology can dial up your body in the same manner that one cell phone contacts another (see below).

This sounds guy sounds

This sounds guy sounds really shady to me. I'd check very carefully on his credentials.

There is NO WAY that that machine can diagnoses a defect in a chromosome. It's simply a fancy biofeedback device that has no diagnositc value. The machine may have some therapeutics value, but this "doctor" sounds like a total fraud.

Anyone who claims to be able to completely take someone off their medication needs to have their ethics checked.

If this machine has been around for 10 years and has worked so well, then everyone would be using it, regardless of medical doctors opinion of it.

DO NOT take your child off of his medication without your doctors guidence. Doing so is dangerous and irresponsible.

Re: This sounds guy sounds

Sunflower is absolutely right.

 "Quantum energy" does not exist.  Both "Quantum" and "energy" are buzzwords used by charlitans to add mystery and an air of scientific validity to their products.

The "diagnosis" that was performed by this machine was almost certainly stolen from your medical records.  You either signed a release, or the man is paying someone to swipe private data from hospital records.

If you ever find yourself looking into "alternative" medicine (the word as used here, usually refers more to an alternative to safe and effective medicine as opposed to Wester vs Eastern), find the key terms used and search out the practice or device at  There you will find articles that will explain, in simple terms, the actual clinical studies that have been done, as well as an evaluation of claims and whether or not they actually make any sence.


For the particular product in question, go to the link below:


Good luck! 

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I looked up SCIO on the internet. I noticed the available information is advertisements. In the list of abilities in the advertisement there is no suggestion of controlling epilepsy. And it is said that it can not diagnose illnesses. I would be wary of the professional's claims about controling seizures find out how many people it has worked on. Ask for documentation and research to support it. The professional may be intending to use your son as a guinea pig. Or may have unrealistic beliefs about the ability of the machine.