Nocturnal Seizures


I'm new to this forum and have seen a couple of posts where people have experienced some seizures similar to mine.

Has anybody had or heard of seizures that occur when they are trying to wake up, but can't?

It seems like I will have a mild hallucination and I try to wake up, but all of a sudden I can't lift my head up to wake up. 

I can feel myself shaking violently, especially in my head and neck.  My fiance watches them happen and gets freaked out.

I just had one about an hour ago while sleeping on my left side, I became extremely short of breath and my chest was hurting at the same

time.  I've never been to the doctor, but have an appointment for April 21st.  Any ideas on what these are?

It seems to happen alot when I am really tired, sometimes when I am just falling asleep.  They started happening about 4 years ago,

randomly.  They happened once every couple of months and progressed to now occur almost everyday.  

Never happens during the day though.  I am not on any medications, I am in RN BSN nursing school so I do get limited sleep.

Thanks for your help!



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first of all can i say get to a doctor! i can't believe you have put up with this for 4 years (you poor luv)

i have what sounds like the same as what you're having.i get twitches when i'm falling asleep but never  in the day.i told my dr about them & he said they are siezures.i never call them that because i'm concious when they happen & they don't last long so i just call them twitches.

if you want to talk about any of this don't hessitate to get in touch. i'm just as eager to find someone with simalarities to mine. Alex :0)

Re: Nocturnal Seizures

I read that you were on your left side and it brought tears to my eyes. I am not under the care of a physician. I have been paying close attention to my body. I have apx 1-2 Nocturnal Seizures a month. Always when I sleep on my left side. I drink at least a glass of wine a day and noticed that I have a seizure when I don't. It is so frustrating to have these things and have no real memory of them. I wake myself up when I feel this odd feeling in my stomach. My 8 yr old son says when I claim to feel myself waking up, its actually a seizure. These things freak my kids out. I have changed my diet to include plenty of Omega3. I woke up the other day really sore and just realized today that I probably had a seizure. No sore tongue which in itself is enough for me. Only mild twitching on the right side. My ex is a neurologist and thinks Im crazy for not seeing a dr but did tell me I made sense and that the sleeping on the left side should be discussed in great detail to the dr I do decide to see. I started having these seizures almost 2yrs ago. I can honestly say they have slowed down. I used to have them while awake. I must say that I am afraid to fall asleep some nights

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thats weird you say about your left side.i always sleep on my right side & when i can't get comfy i turn on my left side then i have a seizure.i used to dred going to bed but since mon this week i'v started havin day time seizures.just out the blue.everything has gone scatty since the dr changed my meds on 2nd dec. Alex :0)

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Alex is right, u should definitely get to the doctor, but it sounds like what you have are partial seizures. I have grand mal seizures myself so I don`t actually remember my seizures after they happen, but from the limited research that i`ve done it definitely sounds like it. U have to go see a neurologist though, because there could be other things or meds or other stuff that`s causing them, aside from epilepsy. Good luck! K

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hello,  my name is rikk.  i am an RN.  I have been for a long time.  don't play with this.  don't play the it's nothing i am over reacting, and it is just because of the medical stuff i am involved with.  seizure activity has a high activity during changes in sleep stages.  that all being said.  I had some of the problem you have, they have since gotten better when they changed my meds.  unfortunately it did not control the increase in seizure activity.  for now work is not an options.  folks in the emergency room tend to look at you kinda funny when you have a seizure in from of them.   i worked as was very well control for over 20 years.  you already know the sleep, diet, exercise,  thing.   I don't think(my opinion) april is soon enough to see the doc.  this needs to be checked into ASAP.  get your doc to see you and then do a rapid referral to neuro.  if you have specific question that you think i would be of assistance with.  check the people story page and my e-mail address is their.  please don't do the other medical thing and try and self diagnosis, or self treatment.   hope this helps.  rikk

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 ALR3U I would first like to say that whether they are night seizures, day seizures you need to see a doctor.  In the last 3 years I have had 3 Grand Mal Seizures and if the truth be know I would say that I have had 4 the fourth while sleeping.  I felt strange when I went to bed and the next morning when I woke I felt like I had been beatin, my tongue like tenerized beef and was very sore, I had bruises on my hand and arm. My doctor at the time asked if any one had seen me have it and when I said no and he shrugged it off.  You can not be  certain that you are not having seizures during the day.  If you are sitting and talking to some one and all of a sudden some one is asking you  are you okay are you okay and you say yes why and they say that you were pulling at your clothes, licking your lips or rolling your finges like you had something in them you have actually had a seizure.  This type of seizure is called and absence seizure. I can not stress enough how very important it is that you see a doctor immediately!!!!!!! ALR3U I have to agree with RIKK April is far to long of a wait to see a neurologist.  This is something that needs to be taken care of immediatly.  Right now my seizures are controlled by meds but that could change at any given point in time if my body becomes immune to the meds i am taking. 

A WHOL even if your sizures have slowed down Please see a doctor if not for you and your health do it for your 8 year old son.  Drinking a glass of wine is only a temporary fix.   Please do not think I am judging you or criticizing you because I am not.  I myself never wanted to admit that I had epilepsy and was having seizures I went as far as believing that my anemia was causing my siezures and when I had my hystorectomy I beleived that I was fine and my passing out was gone.  Four months later I had a Grand Mal Seizure at work. 

The point that I am trying to make is that if you suspect you have had a seizure see a doctor as soon as possible.